About the Demo Sites

Communications and stakeholder involvement is a vital component of the regional Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystem (ASCLME) Project. In many large scale projects such as the ASCLME Project, local communities are often overlooked and not included in the planning processes. To improve the situation and ensure that the local communities’ needs and aspirations are included in the ASCLME project, the DLIST team works closely with communities in carefully selected demonstration sites. This process ensures that stakeholders without access to internet can actively take part in the planning process for the ASCLME Project and get access to the DLIST toolkit.

There are a total of nine demonstration sites. In each one we implement a range of tried and tested interactive outreach mechanisms that include moderated radio programmes, travelling environmental film festivals, and participatory planning process which in most cases follows the model of a Local Economic Development (LED) Plan.

Through the LED process, the communities identify issues hindering sustainable development. They also prioritise areas where extra attention is needed and discuss alternative livelihoods options. Therefore, these demonstration sites not only provide substantial input into regional planning, but also make it possible for investments and leveraged co-funding to target issues identified by the local communities themselves.

Communication plays a central role in the DLIST approach. In each demonstration site we try to establish mechanisms for a well functioning two-way communication between grassroots communities and higher level of authority. Bridging this gap ensures a two way flow that empowers both the communities and implementing agencies which benefit the communities well beyond the ASCLME Project.

This site will give you a closer look on all the demonstration sites, the ongoing activities, photos, reports and documents related to each specific site. If you want to find out more about what is going on in each site or how you can become actively involved, please contact the DLIST admin team.