DLIST results presented to the Hamburg community in December 2010

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DLIST results presented to the Hamburg community in December 2010

The DLIST team went back to Hamburg in December 2010 to present the draft development plan to the community. A meeting was arranged with the DLIST Planning Committee members to give feedback from the planning process, to present the results from the interviews and the stakeholder group meetings and to present the draft vision for the community. The same results were also presented to the community at a public meeting arranged in the community hall in Hamburg on December 10th.

Both the planning committee and the community members agreed with the findings and results and want the DLIST team to finalise the Hamburg Community Development Plan as soon as possible. The following issues were emphasised as very important for a sustainable future for Hamburg;

• Lack of access to use marine and coastal resources
• Lack of access to information about the regulations and restrictions of this use. People want to know why “outsiders” can come to Hamburg to fish, when the children from the village are not allowed to
• Lack of access to land. The government owns most of the land and it restricts the community from development

It has been agreed that the DLIST team will work to finalise the planning document, which will be translated to IsiXhosa and sent to the planning committee for final feedback. Once the plan is approved by them it will be distributed to all stakeholders which includes the community, the planning committee, the local counsellor, the Mayor, the people at the Marine and Coastal Management department, the Deputy Minister at the Department of Water and Environmental Affairs and also other important stakeholders in Hamburg such as the Keiskamma Trust and ASPIRE.

Based on the results from this planning process, the DLIST team have also given input to the ASCLME Project by giving feedback from the community to the national Marine Environment Diagnostic Analysis (MEDA) document for South Africa.