The Aspire development agency has received funding to develop an Environmental and Skills Centre in Hamburg!

When the DLIST team was in Hamburg to assist with the development of a Local Economic Develop Plan for the community, several meetings were conducted with various stakeholders, including Aspire. During these meetings, it was agreed that all stakeholders working in Hamburg should collaborate in order to work towards the improvement of the Hamburg community, rather than working as individual entities to serve personal interests.

Aspire applied for funding for the improvement of the town centre and their application was approved by the Neighborhood Development Partnership Grant of National Treasury for components to revive the Hamburg town centre, one of them being the Environmental and Skills Centre. Aspire is working closely together with different organizations, such as the Sustainable Seas Trust and the EC Parks, the Tourism Agency as well as the DLIST team. All stakeholders will hopefully play an important part in the running of the centre. It is very good to see some development progress in the Hamburg demonstration site and hopefully it will benefit the community there positively not too far from now.