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Title Document date Language
Local Economic Development Plan Ambodiletra, Madagascar 2011-12 English
Development Plan for the Fishing Community Moheli, Comoros 2011-12 English
Local Economic Development Plan Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach, Kenya 2011 2012-12 English
Local Development Plan for Curieuse and Côte d'Or, Seychelles 2011 2011-12 English
Questionnaire: South African National Strategy for Coastal Awareness, Education and Training (AET) 2012-02 English
The Big Five of the Ocean 2013-02 English
WWF Vacancies In Lamu County Kenya 2013 2013-05 English
Watamu Marine Association News Letter 2013-02 English
South Africa's Policies for Impoverished Coastal Communities: Assessing Needs of the Ground 2012-11 English
Large Marine Ecosystem News 2012-11 English
WWF Consultancy - Final evaluations 2012-10 English
National Heritage Resource Act, No.25 1999 1999-01 English
Kenya Marine Mammals Network Newsletter Issue 1 2012-07 English
The Land Tenure Act, No.12 of 1992 1992-12 English
An assessment of the framework environmental law of Zanzibar 2006-02 English
The Zanzibar Workshop Proceedings: Perspectives from Small-scale Fishing Communities on Coastal and Fisheries Management in Eastern and Southern Africa 2008-06 English
The Causes and Consequences of the Informal Settlements in Zanzibar 2006-12 English
Institutional Developments in Land Administration in Zanzibar 2006-12 English
A thousand and one nights of land tenure-the past, present and future of land tenure in Zanzibar 1998-09 English
Entrenching Livelihoods Enhancement and Diversification into Marine Protected Area Management Planning in Tanga, Tanzania 2010-02 English
Training of Trainer (TOT) Workshop Report on Rainwater Harvesting 2010-10 English
Zanzibar Rainwater Harvesting Manual for Training of Trainers for domestic supply 2011-07 English
Multi-Purpose Resource Centre Proposal for the DLIST demosite in Pemba 2011-12 English
Integrated Coastal Zone Management Action Plan for Kenya 2011-2015 2011-01 English