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Title Document date Language
Business Plan for a Hamburg Fishing Cooperative 2011-11 English
Development Plan for the Fishing Community in Mohéli, Comoros - final draft 2011-10 English
Mapping of Coral Reef Threats in Tanzania, Policy and Management Implications 2010-04 English
Local Development Plan for Curieuse and Côte d'Or, Seychelles 2011 2011-11 English
Dynamite fisher was last week jailed for 3 years by Tanga magistrate 2011-11 English
Urithi wa Kiutamaduni wa Baharini, Tanzania English
Maritime Cultural Heritage of Tanzania information brochure English
WWF Songwe River Transboundary Catchment Management Project (SRTCMP) project overview English
Community Development and Sustainable Management of Marine Resources in the Mnazi Bay - Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park (MBREMP) project English
WWF Matumbi/Kichi Hills Forest Landscape Resoration Project overview English
The Fishermen Investment Trust Act 2006, Act No. 29 of 2006, Mauritius 2006-12 English
The Fishermen Welfare Fund Act 2000, Act No. 28 of 2000 for Mauritius 2000-08 English
Mauritius Fisheries and Marine Resoruces Act 2007, Act No. 27 2007-01 English
WWF lime production in Tanzania - information brochure English
Snorkelling and diving guidelines for Mauritius English
Map of Mauritius fish landing sites English
Brief on Mauritius Fisheries English
RACCCOM Project Evaluation Terms of Reference for Final Evaluation English
Press clips on dymaite fishing in Tanzania, 2009-2011 English
Job opportunity with WIOMSA as Manager, Coastal Management and Climate Change 2011-11 English
The Environmental Management and Coordination Act,1999 No 8 of 1999 2000-01 English
Flyer about the DLIST course - Stakeholder Participation for a better future presented at the 6th GEF International Waters Conference English
DLIST ASCLME poster presented at the 2nd International Marine Conservation Congress in Victoria, Canada English
A poster about the DLIST LED Planing process presented at the 7th WIOMSA Scientific Symposium English
Poster about the DLIST ASLCME project presented at the 6th GEF International Waters Conference English