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Title Document date Language
CPUT Application Form 2011-01 English
Dugongs(Dugong Dugong) Of the Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique 2008-01 English
What is the role of institutional frameworks and policies; Working Group 2 presentation 2011-03 English
Governing MPAs -getting the balance right 2011-03 English
Marine protected areas in fisheries management aliens or allies 2011-03 English
ICBE Reseach Fund - Call for proposals 2011 English
Indo-Pacific lionfish are larger and more abundant on invaded reefs: a comparison of Kenyan and Bahamian lionfish populations 2011-05 English
Trophic cascades result in large-scale coralline algae loss through differential grazer effects 2010-12 English
Marine Research Coordinator/Lecturer - Call for Application English
The African Climate Change Fellowship Programme (ACCFP) May 2011 Call for Application 2011-04 English
Rethinking South Africa’s Small-scale Fisheries Management Paradigm and Governance Approach: Evidence from the Eastern Cape 2009-02 English
MASMA mid-term Report 2010-02 English
Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA)Report, PAQUITEQUETE: Into the Vulnerability of Pemba's oldest neighborhood preparing an urban slum for future climate changes 2011-04 English
Mozambique LDCF Project Preparation"Adaptation in the Coastal Zones of Mozambique English
Vulnerability and capacity Assessment: An international Federal Guide 1999-12 English
Current status of marine fisheries in Somalia English
Governing Marine Protected Area-Getting the balance Right 2011-03 English
Local Economic Development Presentation 2011-02 English
Climate change and coastal cities: the case of Mombasa, Kenya 2008-03 English
Community Champions: Adapting to Climate Challenges 2010-02 English
A Framework for Social Adaptation to Climate Change 2010-06 English
Analyzing policy gaps in addressing fishers’ migration in East Africa 2010-11 English
Survey on population, distribution and socio-economic impacts of Crows, in Zanzibar, Tanzania 2009-06 English
All about turtles An Education and Awareness Manual 2010-12 English