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Title Document date Language
Biodiversity and health of coral reefs at pilot sites south of Toliara 2009-12 English
Understanding migration amongst small‐scale fishers in Madagascar 2009-12 English
Village of Andavadoaka,Madagascar:marine Reserves for Octopus 2008-12 English
Using community members to assess artisanal fisheries: the Marine turtle fishery in Madagascar 2010-09 English
Community creation and management of the Velondriake Marine protected area 2009-12 English
Foraging for Development: a Comparison of Food insecurity, Production, and risk among Farmers, Forest Foragers, and marine Foragers in Southwestern madagascar 2010-12 English
The application of bathymetric and marine habitat mapping to support conservation planning,Southwest Madagascar 2009-01 English
An Introduction to the Methods Used by Fishers in Andavadoaka Southwest Madagascar 2009-12 English
From hatchery to community – Madagascar’s first village-based holothurian mariculture programme 2009-06 English
Velondriake Ecotourism Plan 2008-12 English
Blue Ventures Environmental Education in Andavadoaka, Madagascar: Building Community Support and Capacity for Conservation 2008-12 English
The Status of Coral Reefs in the Remote Region of Andavadoaka, Southwest Madagascar 2007-12 English
Inventory and Spatial Assemblage Study of Reef Fish in the Area of Andavadoaka, South-West Madagascar 2007-12 English
Community attitudes and perceptions of marine and coastal resources and sustainable management in southwest Madagascar 2007-12 English
Seasonal Closures of No-Take Zones to promote A Sustainable Fishery for Octopus Cyanea (Gray) in South West Madagascar 2006-10 English
Coral Reef monitoring and Biodiversity Assessment to support the planning of a proposed MPA at Andavadoaka 2006-09 English
The coral reefs of Andavadoaka, southwest Madagascar 2 2005-12 English
The coral reefs of Andavadoaka,South West Madagascar 1 2005-12 English
Demise of Madagascar’s Once Great Barrier Reef-Change in coral reef condition over 40 years 2010-03 English
Coastal Tourism -GIS & mapping Mozambique demo site 2010-12 English
Land reclamation efforts in Haller Park, Mombasa 2009-12 English
Inspire Journal 37 (Network of African Youth for Development) 2010-12 English
Working towards Sustainability-Learning Experiences for Sustainable Biofuel Strategies in Mozambique 2010-02 English
Land Grabbing in Africa: A Review of the Impacts and the Possible Policy Responses 2010-10 English
Untangling the Nets: The Governance of Tanzania’s Marine Fisheries 2010-02 English