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Title Document date Language
Ocean Acidification: A Hidden Risk for Sustainable Development 2009-12 English
Economics of coastal zone: adaptation to climate change 2010-10 English
Mohéli Marine Park, Comoros - Lessons Learned in MPA Co-Management 2008-05 English
The Land Act No. 4 of 1999 1999-05 English
The Fisheries Act No. 22 of 2003 2004-01 English
The Village Land Act No. 5 of 1999 1999-05 English
The Tourism Act No. 29 of 2008 2008-02 English
Community Development Policy, Tanzania 1996-06 English
National Fisheries Sector Policy and Strategy Statement 1997-12 English
The Rural Development Strategy and Appendices, Tanzania 2001-12 English
National Tourism Policy, Tanzania 1999-09 English
National Land Policy, Tanzania 1997-12 English
National Environmental Policy for Zanzibar 1992-12 English
The Agricultural Sector Development Strategy of 2001 2001-10 English
National Environmental Policy, Tanzania 1997-12 English
Kenya Forest and Coastal Management Programs-Mid-Term Evaluation 2006-10 English
Local Economic Development Funding Criteria: LED Framework and Instrument 2008-11 English
Umlobi-Spring Edition 2 2008-10 English
Climate Change: A Summary of the Science 2010-09 English
DFID - A Potential Role for AMCs in Promoting Green Mini-grids in Tanzania 2010-03 English
Adopt a Shelf Concept English
Establishing a basis for ecosystem management in the western Indian Ocean 2010-10 English
The importance of The Greater Agulhas Current is increasingly being recognised 2010-10 English
Coral Transplantation: Regeneration and Growth of Acropora Fragments in a Nursery 2003-03 English
Steps in the construction of underwater coral nursery, an essential component in reef restoration acts 2005-12 English