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Title Document date Language
Conservation of Coral Reefs through Active Restoration Measures: Recent Approaches and Last Decade Progress 2005-12 English
Reef Rehabilitation Manual 2010-01 English
A mid water coral nursery 2006-12 English
Applying forest restoration principles to coral reef rehabilitation 2003-12 English
Guidelines for Management Planning of Protected Areas 2003-12 English
Management Planning for Natural World Heritage Properties-A Resource Manual for Practitioners 2008-12 English
Hamburg Integrated Development Plan 2006-12 English
Environmental Management Act,2004-Tanzania 2005-02 English
Fisheries Act, 2003-Tanzania 2004-01 English
Tanzania Marine parks and Reserves Act, 1994 1994-12 English
Dar Es Salaan Marine Reserves,General Management Plan 2005-09 English
Guidelines Procedures for Development of Investments in Marine Parks, Reserves and Small Islands. 2006-03 English
Guidelines and Procedures for undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment in Marine Parks and Reserves in Tanzania 2001-12 English
General Management Plan: Mnazi Bay Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park 2005-09 English
Gender Equality: Evaluation of Gender Mainstreaming in the UNDP 2006-01 English
Elements of a Gender Mainstreaming Strategy: A Fourteen-point Framework 2004-01 English
TCS Membership Application English
Mangrove restoration 2004-12 English
Threatened marine species 2004-12 English
No-take areas 2004-12 English
Strengthening Community Capacity in Fisheries Co-Management 2009-03 English
Mwongozo wa usimamizi shirikishi unaohusisha jamii ya wavuvi wa pwani ya bahari ya hindi 2009-03 Swahili
Guidelines for establishing community based collaborative fisheries management in marine waters of Tanzania 2009-02 English
Visiting the reef 2004-12 English
Visitors and carrying capacity 2004-12 English