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Title Document date Language
Tourism policy and planning 2004-12 English
Hamburg Structure Plan 1996-02 English
Western Indian Ocean marine ecoregion English
Towards Sustainable Tourism in the Western Indian Ocean 2006-12 English
Tourism Environmental Assessment Training Program 1999-12 English
The Integrated Coastal Area Management Process and Kenya Coastal Management Program 2006-12 English
Madagascar: National Environmental Action Plan 2006-12 English
The Promotion of Sustainable and Equitable Fisheries Access Agreements in the Western Indian Ocean Region 2005-12 English
Progress in Integrated Coastal Management for Sustainable Development of Zanzibar’s Coast 2000-12 English
Madagascar Ecosystem of the Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands biodiversity hot sport 2000-12 English
Implementation Plan for Small Scale Commercial Abalone TURFs in the Eastern Cape Province 2004-03 English
The Maritime zones of East African States in the law of the sea - benefits gained opportunuities missed 2008-09 English
Stakeholder Participation and Engagement: Fostering a Community of Interest 2007-08 English
State of the Coast Report - Towards Integrated Management of Coastal and Marine Resources in Kenya 2009-01 English
The gender approach to water management 2002-09 English
The gender and water development report 2003:Gender perspectives on policies in the water sector 2003-12 English
Gender Mainstreaming in Integrated Water Resource Management: Gender, Efficiency and sustainability 2006-12 English
Water, gender and citizenship,Involving men and women in the management of water and sanitation services 2007-09 English
Women’s Collective Action and Sustainable Water Management 2006-10 English
Environmental Impact Assessment regulations in Kenya 2009-02 English
Environmental Assessment in the Western Indian Ocean Region 2007-03 English
The Environment Protection Act,Mauritius 2002-07 English
Environmental Impact Assessment of the proposed eradication of Invasive Alien Fishes in the Cape Floristic Region 2009-04 English
Environmental Impact Assessment Study Report for the Proposed Tana Integrated Sugar Project in Tana River and Lamu Districts Coast Province, Kenya(Part7) 2007-11 English
Environmental Impact Assessment Study Report for the Proposed Tana Integrated Sugar Project in Tana River and Lamu Districts Coast Province, Kenya(Part6) 2007-11 English