RE: Natural Resources Governance

When the use of natural resources is shared by different stakeholder group
with varied interests, the issues of governance become critical.
Responsibilities will have to be shared by the stakeholders for the
management of the resources in a sustainable manner. In such instances, the
question is always how to get the buy-in of all the relevant stakeholders
for sustainable resource use and management. This is one of the key
questions that stakeholders using marine resources in Inhambane in
Mozambique are trying to answer. They face a very obvious reality in that
the marine environment that once sustained the tourism industry and the
fishermen in the past can no longer continue to do so at the current rate.
Faced with this reality, stakeholders such as the private sector, NGOs and
other organisations operating in the area have come together to try and map
a way forward in order to address this situation. However, like many natural
resources based initiatives that are open resources, not all the relevant
stakeholders are on board. Without some of these stakeholders such as
government and the local communities on board, the reality is that such
initiatives will face major challenges that may result in failure. How then
can one get government and local communities on board in a manner that
instils ownership of all the relevant stakeholders?

Re: DLIST ASCLME: RE: Natural Resources Governance

Dear Dlist Members.
Regarding on the issues of managing natural resources in ASCLME Members countries, really things was very tough to manage and bring together all relevant stakeholders in large, enable to come out for the consensus of national interest.
Recently, we concluded, ever and first workshop of  NBSAPs National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan in Somalia, on 5th November at UN Compound in Mogadishu, with FAO and Prime Minister office of Department of Environment, issues was related environmental and Natural Resource, for better conservation and resource management to insure future generation in the country.
Some participants mentioned that, for managing natural resource and good governance are twins and mostly going together and community participation for decision making process of managing national resource are very important to consider
Regards Mohamoud Hassan AliSomalia