Stakeholder Participation - For a Better Future

In collaboration with the DLIST BCLME the DLIST team are also offering online courses and it time to kick off our first online course for this year, and the first distance learning course offered to DLIST ASCLME members. After 2 successful runs of the Stakeholder Participation - For a Better Future Course through the DLIST Benguela, there has been renewed interest in the course from DLIST members and other groups. This course is offered in collaboration with the Environmental Resources Centre at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). The aim of the course is twofold. Firstly, it aims to inform those who want to conduct stakeholder participation, how to do so effectively. Secondly, the course is aimed at informing the stakeholders how they can play a more active role in decision making processes.
The course is open to people from all sectors, particularly those involved in stakeholder processes. Groups or individuals are encouraged to register before January 26th. There are no specific entry requirements – anyone with at least some internet access may register and undertake the course.

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