A.D.S.E.I. - Association pour le Développement Socio Economique d'Itsamia

A.D.S.E.I. is a nonprofit association created in 1991 to Itsamia Moheli Comoros. Its objective is the protection of the environment in general to develop the village Itsamia , improve the living environment of local people. A.D.S.E.I. has won the confidence of partners and has been in partnership with Kelonia since 1998. A.D.S.E.I. has benefited from financial support from the Embassy of the Netherlands, UNDP, the Nairobi Convention (WIO - LaB ) , the Australian Embassy , GSP / GEF / SGP to conduct several environmental protection activities. In May 2010, A.D.S.E.I. organised a turtle festival to open the Turtle Itsamia House - an turtle infomation centre for Comoros.

Contact details: 

Mr Anfani MSOILI
Phone:(+269) 332 01 11 GSM / 772 80 62 Home, Itsamia Village.
BP: 36 Fomboni Mohéli Comores