Aspire, registered as the Amathole Economic Development Agency, is a proprietary limited company established in September 2005 and is wholly owned by the Amathole District Municipality. Aspire’s vision is to be a pioneer in the stimulation of spatial economic development.

Aspire is positioned as a “trusted advisor, stimulator and partner in the regional economic environment” and our mission is to stimulate locality development, with the objective of regenerating small town economies. We believe that the regeneration of decaying small towns will enhance their ability to contribute to the economy of the Amathole Region, and will improve the quality of life of its residents.

One of our small towns we are working in is Hamburg, which is also one of the demonstration sites for DLIST.

Our vision for the development of Hamburg is as such:

"A vibrant, artistic and natural coastal town, where people can enjoy a low-key, small-scale, ecological, and self-sufficient community - sufficient in jobs, food and quality of life."

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