CORDIO East Africa is a research organization focused on marine and coastal ecosystems in the Western Indian Ocean. We specialize in generating knowledge to find solutions that benefit both ecosystems and people at large. CORDIO was started in 1999 as a regional network with coordination nodes in Sweden, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Seychelles. From 2006 CORDIO East Africa took over as the main coordination node, and now hosts the overall CORDIO program.

CORDIO’s principal aims are to:
1) Conduct research on coastal and ocean ecosystems relevant to conserving, sustaining and restoring healthy and productive marine environments;
2) Strengthen social and economic assessment and research to support Integrated Coastal Management, poverty alleviation and sustainable development;
3) Strengthen the capacity for research and use of research in the region, by: a) foster integration of science, practice and policy; b) educate and build the capacity of coastal people to improve their livelihoods and long term well-being; and c) build human and technical capacity, and foster networking and partnerships, to achieve our objectives.

From 1999 to 2009, CORDIO has built up a wide range of projects that address different aspects of these themes as the organization and network matures. Most projects are focused on either natural or human systems, with some overlap in those focusing on resource use and fisheries:
Natural systems projects – climate science and impacts, species and animal biology, ecosystem processes and dynamics
Human systems projects – marine resource use and practices, social, cultural and economic dynamics and sustainable livelihood research and support.
Cross-cutting projects – capacity building for students and management officers, environmental education, provision and training in ICT and adult education, GIS and spatial planning.

CORDIO is heading into the next decade developing a range of innovative projects integrating across disciplines and program themes. We will extend our experience of the last decade to other aspects of marine and coastal environments, broader aspects of societal dependence on the environment and adaptation to climate change, and broader aspects of education, livelihood security and governance. Meanwhile capacity building and education – for our beneficiaries, partners and ourselves – will be an increasing focus, to generate sustained and increased funding.

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