MPA MANAGER NETWORK OF IOC COUNTRIES is a forum where managers of MPA in the Indian Ocean exchange views, experiences, problems and try to resolve them together. They share information to avoid to search solely solution for common problems. The problem probably occurred in one of the 26 MPA in the region, so they work together inside this forum to know who have already experienced that problem and how it was resolved.
To perform the way they manage the MPA, they meet together one time per year to learn or to train themselves or with external expert in some particular topic. this help them to become more professional managers. There are some exchange too with all staff or stakeholder involved in the protection of the marine and coastal environment.
At this stage the network is looking for partners and means to exchange with the others and to spread information about the network. The network is a formidable expert basket too and it can conduct study, survey, research not only in an MPA but in the whole region.
We have a website with which we would like to exchange with you a banner or an add, the address is

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Thierry Razafindralambo