Office Nationale pour l'Environnement (ONE)

The National Environment Office (ONE) in Madagascar is based in Antananarivo. ONE deals with conservation issues as well as research, and are active in the ASCLME Project.

In close collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Forests, ONE is in charge of:
• the prevention of environmental risks in public and private investment and the fight against pollution. For this purpose, it ensures that economic activities do not come at the expense of the environment through the application of the decree n°2004-167 and modifying the decree 99-954 relating to the compatibility of investments with the environment;
• the management of environmental information systems, monitoring and evaluation of the state of the environment to support the environmental assessment and better decision-making at all levels;
• labeling and environmental certification. To this end, it has particular assignments.

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Contact details: 

Office National pour l'Environnement
BP 822 - Antananarivo Madagascar
Fax. +261 20 22 306 93
Tel. +261 20 22 259 99