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Due to increasingly busy and complicated lifestyles, nursing homes for the elderly are a growing business in many parts of the world. How about the option of implementing a model to merge these elderly populations in nursing homes with children’s orphanages, giving the opportunity to these elderly people to give love and care to children who are deprived of family affection?

Let’s take a look at this claim, which is supposed to be the first of its kind in Canada.

Social media posts

A Facebook user shared photos in a group with the text mentioned below.

A brilliant idea has been implemented in Canada.

They integrated a retirement home into an orphanage. The results exceeded all expectations: the elderly were reunited with their grandchildren and the orphans experienced the love and care of parents for the first time.

The interest in the life and even the health of the elderly has improved considerably. .

Love can heal.

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Similar posts are spreading virally on Facebook.

Due to the virality of these posts, we decided to do a fact check on this.

Fact check

Origins of photos used in claim using reverse image searches

A photo of an old woman holding a small child was found on Reddit. It was posted by a Reddit user five years ago, in 2017, and the caption read “My two-week-old niece met her great-great-grandmother today.

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We tried to find the origins of the other image using reverse image search and noticed the photo uploaded by Elena Shumilova to Flickr in August 2016. Although we couldn’t find any details of the individuals seen in the capture, the location of the photo was indicated as “Alborg. Denmark”.

Flickr | Archive

It is therefore clear that these two images are also not related to the claim and to Canada.

Reports on mergers between children’s orphanages and aged care

We were unable to find any reports from Canada of the type of merger/integration of nurseries and children’s orphanages claimed in social media posts. However, we have noticed similar initiatives and here is an article where preschoolers were brought in to interact with elderly people in a nursing home.

We also noticed that these social media claims also went viral in 2021 and were able to find a fact check by AFP-Canada. A spokesperson for Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada told AFP that there had been no integration between retirement homes and orphanages in Canada and that claims on social media were fake.

Moreover, John Hirdes, professor of public health sciences at the University of Waterloo in Canada, dismissed these claims on social media and said that there have been initiatives to support intergenerational interaction between people. elderly and children/youth, but nothing of the sort as mentioned in the virus claims. Toronto’s seniors’ homes sharing a roof with a day care center and intergenerational residences for university students and seniors are some examples of this type.

Additionally, we found studies such as this, which had found that there were cross-generational benefits to combining daycare for children with the seniors’ community.

And there are also programs in countries like Singapore to increase intergenerational interactions in different ways. A story about an old people’s retirement home and a children’s daycare center which are located in the same facility where elders interact with children can be read from here. Archive.

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According to our investigation, we found no evidence to support the existence of ongoing initiatives related to mergers/integrations of Canadian nurseries with children’s orphanages and Canadian authorities and experts have also refuted the existence of such a program.

However, some studies show that there were cross-generational benefits of combining childcare with the elderly community and we noticed similar initiatives where small children were brought in to interact with elderly people in homes. of retirement.


Title:A concept of merging nursing homes and orphanages in Canada? Find out the truth…

Fact check by: Kalana Krishantha

Results: Misleading

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