Arunachal reviews drug abuse and detox strategy


Itanagar: Arunachal Pradesh Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar led the government departments and NGOs to work collectively to solve the drug problem in the state.

Addressing a review meeting on Friday to discuss the issue of drug abuse and detoxification strategy in Arunachal Pradesh, Kumar asked the police, health, education, the SJETA and the excise and narcotics tax to work collectively to fight hard against all the anti-social elements that play with the future of the state and ruin the lives of young children.

The chief secretary said it is important to pay special attention to preventive education, especially to students.

He therefore called on the Departments of Health, Social Justice, Empowerment and Tribal Affairs (SJETA) and Education to raise awareness of the drug threat by organizing awareness programs and workshops in local communities. schools and districts starting with the most affected.

Taking seriously the presence of suppliers, hawkers and consumers in the state, Kumar ordered the police to take all immediate measures to suffocate the supply chain as soon as possible. He ordered the police and the excise and narcotics tax services to use all possible men, machines and other resources that can help them find the culprits and reserve them accordingly in accordance with the provisions of the law.

“Serious measures must be taken against the culprits and they should serve as an example to other offenders,” he said.

Kumar further ordered the district administration and the forestry department to remain vigilant about illicit cultivation in their districts, especially in classified forests.

The use of satellite imagery was recommended by the Chief Secretary to capture cultivated areas on mountainous or rugged terrain and take action accordingly.

Kumar also reviewed the status of drug rehab centers in the state.

Informed that there are currently 8 centers of which 7 are functioning, the chief secretary asked the health department to focus on the proper functioning of these institutions which are located in Pasighat, Tezu, Lathao, Hayuliang, Bordumsa, Khonsa and Aalo .

The necessary counseling, treatment, rehabilitation, aftercare and follow-up should be an integral part of treatment in all drug rehab centers, he said.

The Chief Secretary also called on government departments to assist NGOs and state women’s organizations that are actively involved in drug demand reduction and rehabilitation activities by providing them with the necessary support.

Principal Secretary (home) Rajeev Verma, SJETA Commissioner Padmini Singla, Education Commissioner Niharika Rai, ADGP Ravindra Yadav, IGP (Law & Order) Chukhu Apa and others were present at the meeting .

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