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“The corporate tax cut has only benefited 1% of businesses in the country. How can the midday meal, which feeds 12 million children, be called a gift when it does not “There is no discussion about corporate tax being waived by the Center. If the Revari culture is too bad, when will the Gajak culture end?” asked Vallabh.

The Congress spokesman also said that the country is tired of the smoke and mirror culture or in other words – jhoot ki gathri – the culture practiced by the ruling BJP. “In two days, we will celebrate 75 years of independence. We would like to remind the Modi government of the promises made for the year 2022. Housing for all, doubling of farmers’ incomes, high-speed rail, the promises only last,” Vallabh said.

Meanwhile, responding to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s comment that the Delhi CM is giving a perverse twist to the giveaway debate, Delhi Finance Minister Manish Sisodia criticized the Center blaming it on the governance model ” dostvaad”.

“Two models of governance have clearly emerged. One is that of people in power who benefit their friends and family, in which loans and taxes are canceled and this is then called development. In the other model, revenues from taxes are deployed to develop schools, hospitals, provide quality education, treatment and medicine, and provide electricity and other government services. We primarily invest in people. Developing economies are only strong because they have invested in their nation’s citizens,” Sisodia said.

Last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi fueled the giveaway debate by saying there is an effort to bring a culture of vote-raising through giveaways in the country. The PM’s comment at a public event in Uttar Pradesh was an apparent ambush on the AAP, which is trying to make inroads in the upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat. AAP has since upped the ante over Prime Minister Modi’s remarks.

Kejriwal on Thursday criticized the central government’s handling of the economy while raising concerns over the reduction in state tax shares and reduction in MNREGA allocation, among others.

In a televised statement, Kejriwal said, “The center collects taxes including ₹3.5 lakh crore per annum on petrol, diesel. But it is against free education and free health care. Why is the center citing a lack of funds to pay pensions to the Something is wrong with central government finances FM responded to Kejriwal saying Delhi CM is giving a perverse twist to the whole debate on gifts.

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