Celebrating Changed Lives Through Rehabilitation

Throughout September, we celebrated the successes of patients and families who have benefited from all forms of rehabilitation as part of National Rehabilitation Awareness Week.

We also recognize and thank rehabilitation professionals across the country who have dedicated their careers to making a difference in the lives of others.

The need for different types of rehabilitation became most prevalent during WWI and WWII. Physiotherapy emerged as a profession during World War I, when there was a growing need to care for injured soldiers, and the first physiotherapists were called “reconstruction aids”.

The demand for physiotherapy increased in the late 1960s and 1970s, and the career of a physiotherapy assistant was created to meet the demand. Like physiotherapists, occupational therapists also treated soldiers injured during World War I and World War II. The need for speech rehabilitation services also increased during World War II, as many soldiers suffered brain damage resulting in aphasia. This created an increased need for speech therapists which attracted a large number of men and women to the profession.

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week was established in 1976 to educate people with disabilities and promote the benefits of rehabilitation. In 1990, a presidential proclamation designated the third week of September as National Rehabilitation Awareness Week, which now has more than 7,000 organizations.

This year, Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital in Miami and other Encompass Health hospitals across the country celebrated National Rehabilitation Awareness Week during the week of September 19 under the theme “The Art of Rehabilitation. “. By combining our expertise, tools, team and best practices, we are able to help our patients prepare for their most impressive performance yet: their return to the people and things they love. more. The successes of our patients and the dedication of our teams are what truly define “the art of rehabilitation”.

At Encompass Health of Miami, we are honored to have served the Miami area and beyond for over 35 years. Encompass Health of Miami opened to patients in August 1986, as a 15-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital. Since then, the hospital has grown to 60 beds, with the capacity to serve approximately 1,500 patients per year.
During this time, the hospital also obtained the certification of specific care for the disease of

The Joint Commission for three of its rehabilitation programs, including stroke, hip fractures and oncology rehabilitation. These certifications reflect the hospital’s commitment to providing safe and effective patient care.

More importantly, over the past 35 years, Encompass Health of Miami has referred thousands of patients each year to their local communities in Southeast Florida and surrounding areas with more independence. Particularly during the pandemic, the work of our rehabilitation teams has become vital to ensuring that individuals in our local community can resume the daily activities they enjoy. As Miami continues to grow and the need for rehabilitation services continues to grow, we have the opportunity – and the responsibility – to continue to provide high quality care close to home and to identify new ways of us. connect with the communities we serve.

Join us in celebrating our patients who have returned home and encouraging those who are currently in rehabilitation, as well as thanking our local rehabilitation care teams for all they do to help people return to fulfilling lives and the families they love.

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