COVID-19 outbreaks in Iowa nursing homes nearly double in 2 weeks

Linn and Black Hawk counties have the worst reports

The number of reported COVID-19 infections in Iowa nursing homes has nearly doubled in the past two weeks, according to recently released data from state health officials.

Last week, 41 outbreaks were reported in Iowa healthcare facilities, up from 23 two weeks earlier and 16 outbreaks four weeks earlier, the Iowa Department of Public Health reported.

The state agency defines a nursing home outbreak as a facility with three or more active infections among staff and/or residents.

Two weeks ago, the state reported 185 infections associated with the 23 outbreaks that were active at that time in Iowa nursing homes. This week, the department reported twice as many infections — a total of 378 — associated with the current 41 outbreaks.

According to the state, the largest current outbreaks are occurring at Newaldaya Lifescapes in Black Hawk County, the site of 30 infections, up from 12 reported two weeks ago; and Linn County’s Hiawatha Care Center, where there are 26 infections, also up from 12 reported two weeks ago.

The biggest hotspots for infections in healthcare facilities continue to be Linn County and Black Hawk County. Not only are they home to the two largest outbreaks, they also have the most outbreaks.

As of four weeks ago, no outbreaks were reported at Linn County facilities. But last week, the state Department of Public Health reported six outbreaks at Linn County facilities. There are five outbreaks at Black Hawk County care facilities.

Here’s a look at each of the 41 Iowa healthcare facilities where an active outbreak was reported by the state last week:

  • Allamakee County – Postville Good Samaritan House: Eight Infections.
  • Appanoose County – Golden Age Care Center: 10 infections.
  • Black Hawk County – Friendship Village Retreat Center: Eight infections.
  • Black Hawk County – Martin Health Center: Five infections.
  • Black Hawk County – Newaldaya Lifescapes: 30 infections.
  • Black Hawk County – Pinnacle Specialty Care: 11 infections.
  • Black Hawk County – Ravenwood Specialty Care: Five infections.
  • Boone County — Madrid Home for the Aging: Seven infections.
  • Carroll County – Thomas Rest Haven: Four infections.
  • Dallas County – Arbor Springs of West Des Moines: Six infections.
  • Des Moines County — Azria Health Prairie Ridge: Three infections.
  • Dubuque County – Sunnycrest Manor: Six infections.
  • Henry County – New London Specialist Care: Four infections.
  • Howard County – Evans Memorial Home: Four infections.
  • Iowa County – English Valley Nursing Center: Four infections.
  • Jackson County – Mill Valley Care Center: 10 infections.
  • Jefferson County – Sunny Brook Living Care Center: 12 infections.
  • Keokuk County – Manor House Care Center: 11 infections.
  • Kossuth County – Algona Manor Care Center: 10 infections.
  • Lee County – Mississippi Valley Health Care and Rehabilitation Center: 24 infections. Two weeks ago, no outbreaks were reported in this house.
  • Linn County – Heritage Specialist Care: 11 infections.
  • Linn County – Hiawatha Care Center: 26 infections.
  • Linn County – Living Center West: Four infections.
  • Linn County – Northbrook Manor Care Center: Seven infections.
  • Linn County – West Ridge Care Center: Five infections.
  • Linn County – Winslow House Care Center: Four infections.
  • Madison County – QHC Winterset North: 12 infections.
  • Mahaska County – North Mahaska Specialist Care: Three infections.
  • Marshall County – Iowa Veterans Home: 14 infections. Two weeks ago, five infections were reported at home.
  • Plymouth County – Akron Health Center: Four infections.
  • Polk County – ManorCare-West Des Moines Health Services: Five infections.
  • Polk County – Wesley Acres: Four infections.
  • Pottawattamie County – Risen Son Christian Village: Six infections.
  • Scott County – Davenport Lutheran Home: 14 infections.
  • Scott County – Kahl Home for the Aged and Infirm: 25 infections. Two weeks ago, nine infections were reported at home.
  • Sioux County – Sioux Center Health Royale Meadows: 19 infections. Two weeks ago, no outbreaks were reported at home.
  • Story County—Bethany Life: Four Infections.
  • Tama County – Westbrook Acres: 12 infections.
  • Washington County – Halcyon House: Six infections.
  • Washington County – Pleasantview Home: Eight infections.
  • Webster County – QHC Fort Dodge Villa: Three infections.

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