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The unexpected expenses are that we can never predict them. If they appear, you need to recalculate your precisely budgeted budget. The real problem, however, only appears when there is more than spending. Payday payday seems to be one of the best solutions in this situation. But what if we already have a loan on our account? Can you take several payday loans at once? 

A quick loan without proof allows you to quickly and effectively fill a hole in your home budget. Thanks to it, you can not only renovate the bathroom or go on vacation, but also stop the spiral of debt and thus avoid falling into even greater debts.

Can you take several payday loans at one time?

Can you take several payday loans at one time?

In theory, there is no limit to taking out several loans at the same time. In practice, however, very often this cannot be done by one lender. A significant proportion of non-bank institutions only agree to one active financial liability. Therefore, if you are already in debt, you usually need to seek financial help from your competition.

Having several payday loans at once, not every loan company will agree to grant another loan. Many lenders known on the market offer online loans only to those who do not have debts to other companies or banks.

Why? Lending institutions want to be sure that the borrowed amount and interest will be paid back on time, and the more people have obligations, the greater the risk that they will not be able to pay them back on time.

So the answer to the question of whether you can have several loans at once is: you can, but not always. Each case is considered individually. It is important to pay off your debts regularly, because reliability and diligence always work in favor of the borrower.

Is it possible to take several payday loans or loans at one non-bank institution?

Is it possible to take several <a href=payday loans or loans at one non-bank institution?” width=”660″ height=”426″ />

It turns out that, contrary to what has been written above, there is a chance for two payday loans in one company. There are lenders on the market who, under certain conditions, agree to provide one client with more than one. What conditions are we talking about?

Firstly, this facility only comes into play in the case of an installment loan, and secondly, a loan previously taken out must already be partially repaid. If you are precautionary and simply want to know if the selected loan company will give you another payday loan before you pay off the previous one, check its terms and conditions before applying for a loan.

Which non-bank companies allow you to take several payday loans or loans at once?

Which non-bank companies allow you to take several <a href=payday loans or loans at once?” />

A significant proportion of loan companies follow the principle: only one loan at a time. Lenders like Litebank, Agree Bank and Cream Bank profess it. However, there are also those that allow you to have several active loans. Among them is Provident.

Detailed conditions for the possibility of taking another loan are available in the client’s personal profile. TakToFinance will also provide assistance to those in debt when they are in debt, provided that the borrower repays at least six installments of the current liability in advance.

An alternative solution to take another loan is offered by Litebank, where you can get an additional amount within the loan limit available to the customer. How does it look in practice? For example, if the upper loan limit is 3,000 and we have applied for 2,000 USD, we can “borrow” an additional thousand. However, there is a catch – the repayment period initially set does not change.

What to look for when taking several payday loans at once?

Of course, just like when applying for any other financial product, just as when taking another loan, you need to pay attention to the APRC, which is the total cost of the loan that we will incur. The APRC includes both interest rate and commission for a non-bank institution, insurance and other fees.

When analyzing individual costs, we should focus on additional fees. Lenders may charge additional costs to those who are in debt before they repay their previous commitment. That is why it is worth being aware that interest and non-interest costs related to payday loans are limited in accordance with the Anti-usury Act.

What are the risks of taking several payday loans at one time?

What are the risks of taking several payday loans at one time?

Although payday loans can help to improve the budget and get rid of financial problems, they can also pose some risks.

Many people forget that when they take more loans, it is very easy to fall into a spiral of debt – the more debts we have, the more difficult it is for us to pay them back, and failure to meet the deadlines in the repayment schedule of subsequent installments has serious consequences.

Not every company makes it possible to extend the loan repayment period, and penalty interest may be charged for each subsequent day of delay. The result of over-indebtedness can be a loss of good credit history and creditworthiness. Lack of financial credibility, in turn, may in the future make it difficult to take out not only payday loans but also cash loans from banks.

I have a problem paying off several payday loans at once – what next?

The most important thing is to notice the difficulties in managing the available funds before it is too late. If we notice that it is difficult for us to make ends meet, the worst thing we can do is to downplay the problem and recognize that it will solve itself. Unfortunately, this never happens, and over time we fall into even greater debts.

If there are not many liabilities, the method of paying them off is very simple. All you have to do is tighten your belt and deny yourself some small pleasures, and use the money saved in this way to pay off your debt. If that doesn’t work, there are other ways to get out of debt. It is important to immediately recognize the seriousness of the problem and react quickly.

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Astro Finance pushes back the frontiers of consumer credit /astro-finance-pushes-back-the-frontiers-of-consumer-credit/ /astro-finance-pushes-back-the-frontiers-of-consumer-credit/#respond Thu, 26 Dec 2019 01:05:19 +0000

Astro Finance (ex Loan of Union) never stops growing. Recently become the first credit organization to process requests 100% online, without any paperwork, the specialist in consumer credit to individuals continues its high speed development. Already established in Italy, Spain, Austria and Portugal, the group is preparing to conquer German borrowers. But what is the secret of this organism? Does Astro Finance have any weak points?

Astro Finance, the TGV for consumer credit

Astro Finance, the TGV for consumer credit

It is clear that Astro Finance sees everything bigger than other credit organizations. The consumer credit specialist is preparing to settle on the German market, from the first quarter of 2020. This desire to push the boundaries of credit is anything but a surprise for an organization that stands out above all for its innovations.

Among the main advantages of Astro Finance, we note:

  • 100% online and eco-friendly credit, without any paperwork
  • The ability to scan supporting documents directly from your smartphone with your camera
  • A definitive response to pre-accepted applications in record time: less than 48 hours on average
  • White label credit through choice partners (N26, Free)

How Astro Finance Works

Astro Finance allows professional investors to inject money intended to finance the projects of French households, but also now Italian, Portuguese, Austrian, Spanish and soon German. It is therefore no longer entirely a loan between individuals as formerly offered with Credither but rather an innovative way of circulating money. Encouraged by the promise of an attractive interest rate, investors do not hesitate to inject money intended to be loaned.

TAEG rates not yet at the level

TAEG rates not yet at the level

Because it cannot be the first everywhere, Astro Finance does not offer the lowest rates on all projects. Large historical credit organizations or even Cetelem offer rates on average more attractive than those of Younited on most projects. Our comparator provides a classification based on the APR rate. A good way to compare Younited rates with those of the competition.

Our tool also offers an immediate response in principle from each of the three best organizations. A non-binding “all in one” request, avoiding spending a lot of time filling out different forms here and there.

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Are Payday Loans Insured? /are-payday-loans-insured/ /are-payday-loans-insured/#respond Tue, 10 Dec 2019 02:37:50 +0000

Many people ask why an ID card is required to receive payday pay. It should be clearly stated that the loan agreement cannot contain such data as the number and series of the ID card. Only then is the contract that has been concluded a valid contract. Meanwhile, on other documents – be it on the driving license or passport – in vain to look for information on the number and series of the ID card. Therefore, the lack of an ID card makes it impossible to receive payday loans.

If we do not have an ID card – whether as a result of losing it or waiting for a new one – unfortunately we will not take out payday loans. Manybanks require only an ID card as an identity document. We will not be able to confirm our identity with a driving license. What’s more, remember that your ID card must be a valid document on the day you apply for payday loans. So if it has expired, no one will grant us payday pay.

Identity card is required by companies offering payday loans not only because of the number and series that must be included in the loan agreement but also because it is a document confirming the age of majority of the person applying for the payday loan. It must be clearly stated that payday loans can only be granted to adults. So if we do not have an ID card, a payday loan is a loan that is not for us. Therefore, an ID card is necessary to borrow money.

Payday loans are quick loans, which are very popular now. This is due, inter alia, to a very short, simplified procedure for granting this type of loan. Many people ask if the payday fee can be obtained by presenting as an identity document not an ID card but a driving license.

At Which Bank The Cheapest Cash Loan?

money cash

Payday loans are really small formalities that must be completed. As a result, borrowing money does not require spending a large amount of time to collect the necessary documents, fill out complex applications, etc. Everything is done very quickly and efficiently, which is a great advantage of this type of loans.

In most cases, Manybank that provide payday loans do not expect the person interested in borrowing money to present a certificate of employment and earnings. This means that payday loans are available to people working illegally or employed under civil law contracts. For banks that grant loans, this simplified procedure is not an option at all. Therefore, many people do not have the slightest chance of getting a loan, despite the fact that there would be no problems with its repayment.

When we talk about payday loans, we must not forget that in their case the credit decision is taken surprisingly quickly. Most Manybank that deal with providing payday loans make a credit decision within no more than an hour. Thanks to this, a person who needs money gets it very quickly.

Payday loans have a very large group of supporters. This is not surprising when we look at the advantages of this type of quick loans. Let’s see why it is worth choosing just payday loans and in what respects it is better than traditional bank loans.

How does the Mae Loan work?

money cash

Consumer bankruptcy is a solution that has been in Polish law for some time. However, it should be remembered that the declaration of consumer bankruptcy is connected with court proceedings. It is possible only if the premises specified in the relevant provisions take place.

Borrowing without hesitation can lead to very serious financial problems. It can lead to entering the so-called debt loop, from which it is not so easy to exit. Below are a few tips on what to do if you find yourself in such financial trouble, it is very important to avoid getting more loans and credits. They are not a solution to your problems. Instead, they will increase debt and increase the number of creditors. Therefore, it is a much better solution to negotiate with existing creditors. With a bit of willingness on their part, they will be able to work out a repayment schedule so that they can gradually reduce their debt.

If we have fallen into a debt loop, it is worth checking the issues of debt aging very carefully. It may happen that we will have some luck and it turns out that the debt has expired. In this situation, we will not have to pay it back. It should be remembered that the claim is time-barred after ten years and interest after three years.

In any case, a remarkable solution is to try to negotiate with your creditors. It should be remembered that they do not have to bring the expected effect, but they are a much better solution than waiting for the case to be in court and a bailiff knocking at our door. There are a few rules to keep in mind when negotiating. First of all, under no circumstances may you take a claim attitude, raising expectations of cancellation of debt. However, it is worth presenting your life situation explaining exactly why financial difficulties arose. You also need to think about the amount that you can easily give back to your creditors every month.

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Fast online credit: best rates and immediate response /fast-online-credit-best-rates-and-immediate-response/ /fast-online-credit-best-rates-and-immediate-response/#respond Tue, 10 Dec 2019 00:45:00 +0000

Some projects or money needs cannot wait. We are going to see how an online credit comparator allows you to obtain a rapid credit response and financing as soon as possible. All without having to ignore the best APR rate.

Fast credit thanks to an online comparator

Fast credit thanks to an online comparator

Taking a tour of online credit agencies and banks can quickly be time consuming. Precious time when the need for money is urgent. It is with the idea of ​​allowing everyone to obtain cheap and rapid credit in a few clicks that we set up our comparator.

Our comparator is connected to the best credit organizations, which are also the most reputable on the market. Once the conditions of the desired credit have been filled in (project, amount, duration), our tool focuses on two things:

  • Rank the best rates only on the basis of the APR
  • Provide an immediate response in principle for each of the three best organizations

Here is how the first step of the credit questionnaire looks. Once the project has been completed, four simple steps allow us to interview all the best organizations simultaneously.

Fast credit and easy credit are inextricably linked. The objective is to obtain financing quickly, without any unpleasant surprises at the time of the final decision.

A positive response from our comparator (acceptability> 50%) indicates that urgent credit is accepted. There is therefore no reason why it should be refused to examine the file, provided that the information corresponds.

Useless in our case to question the organization classified third at a lower APR rate, given that Sofinco has given its agreement. The organization is responsible for sending the contract proposal within 24 hours to the mailbox indicated in the form. It then remains only to sign the contract and send the supporting documents, before waiting for the funds to arrive in his bank account.

Criteria for obtaining fast credit

Criteria for obtaining fast credit

There is a logical mechanism when looking for fast credit:

  1. A credit organization is better able to offer a quick loan than a bank , which usually hangs around to respond and process the file.
  2. Using an online comparator allows you to concentrate several requests in a single form , increasing your chances of obtaining an immediate (and positive) credit opinion .
  3. Preparing supporting documents in advance saves time once the contract is received.

Fast credit: when will I receive the money?

Fast credit: when will I receive the money?

The law regulates consumer credit and does not allow organizations to transfer money instantly. It is indeed compulsory for lenders to respect a cooling-off period .

Initially fixed at 14 days, this period can be shortened to 8 days at the request of the consumer . In most cases, a check box on the credit contract allows you to make this request for an urgent loan .

Here is how a quick loan request breaks down when everything goes smoothly, from the request to the payment of funds.

Good to know: it is possible to withdraw for 14 days after the date of signature of the contract in order to cancel the credit outright without conditions.

Is it possible to avoid the reflection period?

Some companies have made mini credit their specialty. It is not a consumer credit under the law, since the loan is reimbursed in less than 90 days. This distinction allows them to bypass the reflection period. It is thus possible to obtain your loan immediately. Finfrog and Cashper are the two 24 hour mini credit specialists .

These solutions have two major drawbacks:

  • Amounts are limited to a few hundred USD maximum
  • The rate is very important

Quick online mini credit is mainly used to manage a difficult end of the month (unforeseen invoice, exceptional purchase). In no case should they become systematic, otherwise they risk being exposed to a significant risk of over-indebtedness. Any default in reimbursement does in fact entail substantial late fees.

>> Find our opinion on online credits

Fast credit and best APR rate: the importance of comparing

Fast credit and best APR rate: the importance of comparing

What is the real interest in comparing, beyond the possibility of obtaining several answers immediately? We will see that the offers of organizations are sometimes completely different. Comparing also means making sure to limit interest. Illustration with a simulated personal loan of $ 10,000 over 48 months, and another of $ 15,000 in 60 monthly payments.


The disparities are significant between the best organization and its pursuers, for a credit under perfectly identical conditions. A quick credit search can therefore go hand in hand with that of the cheapest credit.

How does our comparator work?

All credit companies allow you to make a quick credit request directly on their website. They guarantee an immediate response, but all have very different acceptance criteria.

The single questionnaire that we have set up avoids spending several hours filling out forms. A single form allows us to query the best fast credit organizations online . Completely independent, our comparator classifies credit offers only on the basis of the APR rate.

Independent and transparent

Many fast online credit comparators only offer a static ranking of offers, without updating the rates. The organizations guaranteeing the best commissions are then displayed in first position. Independent and transparent, our comparator does not work on this principle.

Our commitments

  • The APR rate is included for all requests over 3000 USD. This is the legal rate for communication on consumer credit.
  • Our comparator is registered with ORIAS, the official file of intermediaries in banking and credit operations. Our registration number is displayed at the bottom of the site.

Fast credit: supporting documents to prepare

Fast credit: supporting documents to prepare

In order to validate the credit request quickly and before transferring the money, the credit agency needs to verify the accuracy of the information you have provided.

He will therefore ask for classic supporting documents:

  • Photocopy of an identity document
  • Proof of address
  • Salary slips (at least the last two)
  • The tax notice (except for revolving credit)
  • Sometimes a statement from the last month

As a rule, the lending company sends the contract to be signed by post. Some organizations also offer a 100% signature online (via their mobile), as well as the digital sending of supporting documents. There is no fast credit without proof of identity and / or financial resources.

Is Auto Loan Fast Credit?

Is Auto Loan Fast Credit?

The car loan does not really differ from other forms of credit for the duration, unless it is contracted in concession.

In this case it is a quick loan but generally more expensive. Indeed, the car loan rate is the one that differs the most compared to that of a conventional personal loan. It is cheaper. Auto credit, on the other hand, involves providing proof (purchase order) to the lender. This reassuring document allows credit organizations and players to lower the rate.

The fast car loan in concession therefore makes it possible to go beyond the steps with the organizations, and to save three to four days on average. However, it is very rare that dealers can compete with the rates offered by large credit agencies. So not sure that the auto emergency credit is a solution, especially since the amounts committed and the duration of credit generally generate interest anything but insignificant.

Our comparator makes it possible to carry out a new car loan simulation (-2 years) or second-hand (+2 years).

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What are the best consumer credit agencies? /what-are-the-best-consumer-credit-agencies/ /what-are-the-best-consumer-credit-agencies/#respond Wed, 04 Dec 2019 01:06:25 +0000


There are many credit agencies, but are all of them equal? We will see that several criteria allow to stand out from the crowd the best consumer credit organizations. APR rate, speed of file processing, acceptance conditions: everything you need to know to carry out any consumer credit project (personal loan, car loan, work loan, small loan, etc.) under the best conditions.

Consumer credit organizations: which is better?

Consumer credit organizations: which is better?

There are more than fifteen large consumer credit organizations, the majority of which belong to major banking or financial groups. Bankate is for example attached to Crédit Mutuel, while Bicredit belongs to Credither. Others are also subsidiaries attached to the giant retailers, such as Zaloan, Cassy Bank and even Viloan.

Consumer credit specialists have taken a clear advantage over banks and other consumer credit players (dealers, insurers). They simply offer better APR rates on average, while ensuring faster service.

Several criteria make it possible to classify the best consumer credit organizations:

  • The level of APR rates
  • Chances of Receiving a Positive Credit Opinion
  • Methods to send and sign your contract (electronic signature or paper sending?)
  • The speed of the final response
  • Availability of customer service

The main criterion for comparison cannot be discussed, it is the APR rate. We will see that it is important to use a credit comparator to limit interest as much as possible.

1 – Comparing APR rates is the priority

1 - Comparing APR rates is the priority

The APR rate is the main criterion for ranking the best consumer credit organizations.  Representing the real cost of a loan, the APR (or annual percentage rate), includes both the interest and the costs of handling a loan.

The usefulness of a credit comparator

The best consumer credit agencies offer APR rates that are sometimes very different on certain types of loans or specific amounts. Promotional periods, simple commercial choice: several reasons can explain significant differences in rates between credit companies.

Illustration with a comparison of a 10,000 USD credit over 36 months in the form of a personal loan, from our comparator (as of October 2019):


Comparison of the rates of a personal loan $ 10,000 over 36 months
Fixed APR rate
Monthly fees
Total cost of credit
Organization n ° 1 of our comparator
290.20 $
447.20 $
Organization n ° 2 of our comparator
291.92 $
509.12 $
Organization n ° 3 of our comparator
301.78 $
864.08 $


The best lender  has almost half the interest than the third. This specialist completing the podium is however in our case just as known and renowned as the best. This quick comparison of consumer credit organizations shows the same as most of our simulations, whatever the project and its amount. There are still significant differences in APR rates between the big names in consumer credit.

How to get an immediate answer in principle?

Our comparator is connected to the main online credit organizations, allowing you to display only the best APR rates of the moment. It is thus possible to obtain the podium of the best organizations in a few minutes, after having informed your project and some important information.

In addition to the rate classification, our questionnaire offers an immediate answer in principle. This system provides pre-acceptance at the best rate. In the event of a negative opinion from the best organization, it is always possible to request the opinion of the second, as well as the third. Several chances of obtaining a favorable response in a single credit request, this is the advantage of our tool.

2 – Response times: not all organizations are created equal

2 - Response times: not all organizations are created equal

The final response time once the credit agreement has been accepted is 6 to 8 days on average. Consumer credit organizations offering electronic signatures have an advantage in this regard. Some consumer credit organizations even offer 100% online credit. This is the case for Cassy Bank and Creditstair.

It is therefore interesting to find out about the possibility of signing and sending your contract without having to send it by post. This criterion does not guarantee faster processing, but significantly increases its chances of shortening delays. Online credit with electronic signature offers above all a certain comfort, beyond saving time on postal deadlines.

Note: it is always necessary to wait at least eight days from the date of signature of the contract before hoping to obtain funds from a consumer loan. This is the legal minimum period provided by law. Only an express transfer request on an existing revolving credit contract can get your mViloan in 48 hours.

3 – Customer service of consumer credit organizations

3 - Customer service of consumer credit organizations

The best consumer credit organizations also stand out for the attention they pay to customers. Rewarded numerous times over the past ten years, Bankate (see Bankate opinion ) is undoubtedly the one providing the most guarantees.

In general, the organizations offering a live chat system with an adviser are the most interesting on the after-sales service. Not all offer this additional service, only providing a number and an email contact box. The most popular organizations (Yoabank, Bankate, Bicredit, Cassy Bank, etc.) all offer this service.

Reminder: it is possible to retract for 14 days as part of a consumer credit. A withdrawal slip on the credit contract allows you to exercise this right. If necessary, certain models for retracting  simplify the process.

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4 bad financial habits you should give up /4-bad-financial-habits-you-should-give-up/ /4-bad-financial-habits-you-should-give-up/#respond Fri, 06 Sep 2019 23:35:22 +0000

Although there are people who have a kind of gift to manage their money, for most it is a difficult task to do, especially since over time they have acquired certain habits that are harmful to their finances, but in many cases they don’t even know it.

4 bad financial habits you should give up

4 bad financial habits you should give up

These are actions that may seem very logical or harmless, but that little by little threaten their economic stability and, if you don’t take precautions in time, you could end up regretting them.

1. Give in to emotional purchases 

If you are upset, do you buy? If you are happy, do you buy? So the problem is that he is an emotional buyer. One solution to this is to hide cards or leave home without much money when you feel that way.

2. Do not calculate how much you spend monthly 

2. Do not calculate how much you spend monthly&nbsp;

If you don’t know how much you spend, you can’t know how much you could save. Another interesting fact that you get when ordering your money is how much you are allocating to each area of ​​your life.

3. Use the credit card for small expenses 

3. Use the credit card for small expenses&nbsp;

While plastics are a useful tool, it does not mean that you should use them for every small thing you buy, especially if you will use the quota mode, since it is only generating more interest. The only justification for using your card at small expenses is if you are entitled to any promotion and if you will cancel the total amount before the fee expires.

4. Not having clear financial goals 

4. Not having clear financial goals&nbsp;

Not knowing what you want to do with your money or what your aspirations can also make you lose the battle, because you don’t know where you are going. It is healthy to set certain short and long term goals, whether saving a full salary or paying for vacations in cash. You decide.

Finally, not only avoid bad habits, but start reaping the good ones. Compare financial institutions and open a savings account. The purpose of comparing them is to verify which one pays you the best interest, so your money will start to grow. To do this, you can use web comparators such as Ebenezer Scrooge.

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10 financial tips to start a family /10-financial-tips-to-start-a-family/ /10-financial-tips-to-start-a-family/#respond Thu, 05 Sep 2019 00:06:14 +0000

You and your partner are ready to take that next step in your marriage: having a child. It is certainly something that will bring you much happiness and will be the beginning of a new stage in your family. But have you thought about the change your partner finances will have ?; Now they will have to think about “Family Finance” and many changes will be necessary. That is why we share 10 financial tips to start a family:

How much you will spend


Calculate how much you will spend on making your home safe for the baby. Car seat, cradle cover, plug plugs, etc. Keep these costs in mind and don’t let them catch you off guard.

Include new expenses in your budget: diapers, bottles, wet wipes, detergent; And the list goes on.

Get a membership from a price club. Buying large quantities of certain products will be cheaper in these types of stores than in a common supermarket.

Review your medical expense insurance and expand your coverage. Or hire one if you don’t have one.


If you and your partner work, pay nurseries near your home or work for when mom returns to work.

In this same work, ask how many days the company gives you for maternity or paternity and take full advantage of them.

Check government benefits. There are some government programs that can support you in these financially complicated times.

Update your important accounts: beneficiaries in bank accounts, will and retirement savings fund.

Check your list of long-term goals: a bigger house? Family car instead of sports? School?

Pay your debts

Pay your debts

As much as possible, end your debts before the baby is born and do not drag problems. As always, remember that good planning is the first step to healthy finances. Talk with your partner about these 10 points and determine others so that they can receive the new family member without problems that will later make them lose their financial peace of mind.

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Is Credit Beneficial? Actually What Are the Benefits of Credit? /is-credit-beneficial-actually-what-are-the-benefits-of-credit/ /is-credit-beneficial-actually-what-are-the-benefits-of-credit/#respond Mon, 02 Sep 2019 23:42:21 +0000

Is credit profitable? Actually, what are the benefits of credit? To answer these questions, you need to read this article to completion. Ma’am, I am interested in applying for a credit facility at the bank, but before that I want to ask Actually, does the credit benefit me or benefit the Bank? Because to my knowledge, the customer or debtor is charged a certain amount of interest for his credit return, how can it be said to be profitable?


Benefits of the credit facilities that the Bank provides to customers

Benefits of the credit facilities that the Bank provides to customers

Fine, thank you, Nando, for the question. I will try to explain about the credit you asked just now. Actually the benefits of credit are a lot, both for you as a debtor, also for banks that provide credit facilities. This is called symbiosis of mutualism, where you receive a loan, and the bank as a lender also benefits.

In addition to these benefits, the state, both the government and the community, also participated in feeling the impact of using your credit. For example, you use a mortgage facility. Well, from your credit, the government clearly gets income in the form of taxes, which can encourage the country’s economic growth.

In addition, with credit, many people can get jobs. Let us discuss more deeply the benefits and benefits of credit from each side, namely from the side of customers, banks, the government and the wider community.


Discussing the Benefits of Credit for State and Broad Communities

Discussing the Benefits of Credit for State and Broad Communities

Various credit facilities circulating in the community, both productive and consumptive loans, which are spread across the corporate segment ( corporate and commercial ), certain industrial sectors, micro businesses, even consumer loans that are used personally can provide benefits to the government and the wider community .

Generally, companies (both the corporate segment and the micro segment) need credit to fund the development of their businesses, and banks usually provide productive credit for these companies.

In addition, consumer credit is enjoyed more personally by the community in the form of mortgages, motor vehicle ownership loans, credit cards and others. Did you know that the widespread use of credit provides benefits to the state and the wider community?

The benefits of credit for the country and society at large include the following:


Reducing Unemployment Rate

Through the use of credit facilities for companies both in the corporate, commercial and micro business segments, many employment opportunities are created due to the opportunity for the community to create and develop a business. Because there are many jobs created, the unemployment rate will decrease.

In addition, if we imagine further, for a long period of time, if companies that are given credit facilities continue to grow and expand, production levels and market demand increase, and the quality of employee resources continues to be upgraded , then this can affect growth economy of the country.

Can you imagine, the use of credit facilities can even affect a country’s economic growth?


Improve National Development

Bank Indonesia states that banks have the main function as collector and distributor of public funds. The aim is to support the implementation of national development in order to improve equitable development, economic growth, national stability, towards improving the standard of living of the people. Through this statement, it is clear that through the distribution of public funds (credit) national development can be carried out, which leads to improving the living standards of the Indonesian people.

One form of benefits obtained by the state through credit is tax. As discussed earlier, the state receives taxes from outstanding credit. And taxes are one of the country’s biggest revenues that can be used for national development.


Discuss Credit Benefits for Banks

Discuss Credit Benefits for Banks

In addition to being beneficial to the state and the wider community, credit facilities also provide benefits for banks providing credit facilities, including:


The Bank Performs Its Function

In general, banks have 3 main functions, namely as agent of trust, agent of service and agent of development .

Let us highlight the function of banks as agents of development, which means banks function as institutions that support the development of national development.

Products and services offered at banks can be divided into 2 major parts, namely funding and lending . Funding is when banks collect funds from the public in the form of savings, current accounts and deposits, while lending is when banks channel funds to the public through credit.

When banks have been able to collect and channel funds and carry out services to the community, meaning banks participate in encouraging national development, banks are carrying out their functions as agents of development .



The concept of reputation is very simple. If there is one friend that you believe uses one of the credit facilities in a bank and feels satisfied, and advises you to use credit facilities at the bank, then surely you will consider using that credit too.

This is one of the benefits obtained by the bank when more credit can be given to many people.

A good reputation is one thing that greatly benefits the bank.


Interest Income

One of the bank’s income is interest income or interest income received through credit. So, the more credit the bank gives, the more interest the bank will receive.


Discuss Credit Benefits for Customers / Debtors

Discuss Credit Benefits for Customers / Debtors

Let’s try to list what credit benefits can be felt by borrowing customers (debtors).


Developing a Debtor Business

For debtors who have businesses and are currently using productive credit facilities from banks, the debtor clearly gets many benefits from the credit facility. Debtors can maintain and develop their business better.

Credit provided by banks also varies, for example for maintenance maintenance of industrial equipment, financing of production, relocation of factories, and financing of business expansion which clearly requires no small amount of funds. You can imagine how much time the debtor needs and how difficult the process is to develop a business if you don’t get a loan from a bank.


Makes It Easy for Debtors to Choose the Right Bank

Usually, banks give credit to debtors who have become customers. Through this, you can use credit facilities while saving at the same bank. You will be easier to pay your credit bill if you save at the same bank. This makes you feel safer and more comfortable in making transactions.


Finance of Protected and Secure Debtors

Have you ever needed anything but your finances did not support you to meet your needs in the near future? You will probably think of repaying your needs by using a credit facility. True, this is one of the benefits of a credit facility, where you can make installments for needs that you cannot pay now, so that your finances remain safe.

You also don’t need to worry that you will forget to pay or your bill is wrong, because the bank will process your credit appropriately. This will make your finances safer and protected from various risks.


Understanding Credit from Different Viewpoints

Understanding Credit from Different Viewpoints

Such is the explanation that I can convey, Mar Candoy. Hopefully through this explanation, Mar Candoy can better understand the benefits of credit that can be felt by the state, banks and customers. Not only for consumptive credit, but also productive credit.

Do you have other opinions or ideas about the benefits of credit? Please give your comments and opinions about this, thank you.

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Why You Shouldn’t Save for the Education of your Children /why-you-shouldnt-save-for-the-education-of-your-children/ /why-you-shouldnt-save-for-the-education-of-your-children/#respond Fri, 26 Jul 2019 23:29:54 +0000

If in the last article I talked about “How to save for your child’s education” today we go to the opposite side, reasons not to pay for your child’s education .

You may want to be a good father, right? You have started saving for your child’s education for a few years, since birth.

You are preparing for the inevitable expenses that will come from this matter and you will do the best for him. It is not like this?

Not necessarily. The key to the issue is that paying for your child’s education has added some lessons and experiences that you may not want your child to learn . In addition to that, on the other hand, it could increase its long-term financial burden .

Let’s see some disadvantages that you have to save for your child’s training.

Disadvantages of Saving for your Child’s Education

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Doing a university career is not an indispensable requirement to find a good job.

Many people simply assume that a university degree is the only way to succeed in life.

This thought is not true. Or at least not 100%. Many people with very good jobs and salaries have not set foot in a university in their life.

And there are many well-paid jobs for those who do not need university studies.

Apart from that to succeed you have to work on what you are passionate about . Leaving aside how well or poorly paid it is. If you like it, if it is more a hobby than a job, the income will come alone.

And unless in Spain the university careers change radically, with the passage of time it will be less and less important to have a university degree.

If your child has never proven to be a good student, forcing him to go to college right after high school can be quite damaging to his future.

Paying for your own education teaches responsibility.

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Having to actively participate in the process of finding your own resources is an experience that will highlight your child’s responsibility and maturity.

Through this process you can quickly know how important it is to be responsible for your own actions and decisions.

Paying for your child’s education detracts from training.

If you pay for education from your pocket, your child will not value it in the same way as if he had to pay for it.

It is possible that while you are spending your money each month, your child is really wasting time. And if you had to pay for it, the training would choose another type of education more in line with your interests.

If you pay for their education, you could increase your financial difficulties.

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Even if you carefully plan savings for this goal, it is still money that you could dedicate to other very important goals such as for your retirement or for your emergency fund.

Instead, that money can go through the back door if your child does not value or serve the education received.



Given these factors, although it is logical that you want to save for your child’s education and that it is an important goal in your life, I think it is not good to jump into it without weighing well the pros and cons.

Not that in the end you get a very unpleasant surprise.

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THE BEST LOANS TO TRAVEL IN HOLY WEEK. /the-best-loans-to-travel-in-holy-week/ /the-best-loans-to-travel-in-holy-week/#respond Fri, 12 Jul 2019 00:41:04 +0000

Holy Week is a season that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus and is celebrated in a week of March or April, depending on each year. This 2018 is coming from March 25 to 31. Easter is the ideal time to rest and enjoy multiple experiences without thinking about financial liquidity thanks to the quick application for online credits, the best option from the comfort of your home and with an approval in fifteen minutes.

The plan preferred

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Colombians during this season is to travel. According to figures from the flight search application Viájala, Bogotá, Medellín and Cali topped the list of cities with the highest number of searches during 2016, followed by Cartagena; a year-round destination that presents the highest peaks of the season where thousands of national and international tourists are received.

In order to live the experiences offered by trips to the fullest, it is possible that according to your salary you can finance your monthly obligations by installments. As for favorite religious destinations to discover, there are Ipiales, LONUX, Zipaquirá and Lapoyan, cities with specific itineraries to commemorate these dates.

Lapoyan is Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity declared by UNESCO since 2009 and at this time, the visit to the monuments, the procession of the dismissal and the visit to the Archdiocesan Museum of Religious Art, become the favorite activities for tourists. These plans are joined by alternative events such as the National Orchid Exhibition and the Religious Music Festival.

Ipiales is one of the seven wonders of Colombia. It is a border area with numerous destinations and plans to discover, including “the twelve dishes and the three pots” that consists of sharing typical recipes from the region. The Sanctuary of Las Lajas is famous for being a construction of the early twentieth century that is located in the canyon of the Guáitara river.

For its part

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Zipaquirá has the renowned Salt Cathedral, the only one of its kind. 180 meters underground is a place away from everyday life that invites reflection, self-discovery and encounter with the spiritual part.

LONUX is a colonial city that highlights the importance of the past and tells stories through its architecture that remains in time. The Plaza de la Concepción and the municipal cemetery are some of the recommended places to meet.

So to enjoy great family experiences it is possible to finance the plans in a group way, so that the fees are reduced and there is a greater possibility of taking advantage of the destination you choose, either inside or outside the country.

It is important to take into account some recommendations prior to traveling and one of them is not to forget to make a copy of your documents such as driver’s licenses, passport, visa if necessary and plane tickets in case of theft or loss of luggage.

It is also essential to carry an outfit in your hand luggage in case of any unforeseen event. Likewise, it is advisable to review the type of weather you are going to go to and its pre-trip conditions.

It is advisable not to have all the money in cash and in the same place, use the safe deposit boxes if the place where you are going to stay has them and carry extra money in case of emergency. If you do not have savings, a free investment loan is ideal because it allows more flexibility in the use of money.

To optimize the expenses, the traveler can make a financial panorama avoiding purchases in an impulsive and unnecessary way and be completely sure of what gifts are going to take to family and friends since it is very common that during this practice the budget is altered.

traveling abroad

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Keep in mind the exchange rate, as it can affect the activities planned during the stay. Therefore, the prices of the euro, dollar or local currency should be checked daily in order not to take surprises when entering.

With these tips of destinations and recommendations when traveling, Easter becomes an ideal season to enjoy with the family. Albertine, an online credit expert allows personalized loans to live experiences here and now with a facility that allows you to obtain the best loans for this Holy Week.

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