It’s never too late to start a career in nursing

“During my first clinical rotation as a nursing student, I walked through these doors and thought to myself, ‘Wow, this is what I’m supposed to do,’ said Tatiana Costa, graduate of West Coast University (WCU).

After starting at WCU, Costa was convinced that nursing was the career path she wanted to pursue. But, like many students, she doesn’t realize it right away. It was only after earning a bachelor’s degree in audio and entertainment engineering and years working in a chiropractic practice that Costa was inspired by her vocation to become a nurse.

“I never thought I could be a nurse. I just thought I wasn’t smart enough. It wasn’t until my grandmother died that I said to myself, ‘No, that’s right, I have to work in medicine,’ ”Costa explained. “It took me eight years from then to get here, but when I found West Coast University, I made a point of starting a nursing school.”

The significant impact of nurses on the lives of patients is what prompts many students like Costa and WCU graduate Curtisha DeMarco to start nursing school. This is also a reason why nursing ranks sixth among the most respected professions in the world, according to the Varkey Foundation.

“My dad had colon cancer so I spent a lot of time in the hospital with him, and most of the interactions I had were with nurses,” DeMarco explained. “That’s what made me want to go back to school to become a nurse.

Other students are drawn to the strong demand for nursing, job security, competitive compensation, and diversity of specialties. Nursing students have the freedom to focus on a particular area based on their interests, which was a determining factor for WCU graduate Brianna Diaz as she moved from medical school to medical school. nursing school.

“I like that in nursing you can easily switch to different specialties, unlike medical school where you usually have to pick a specialty and stick with it,” Diaz said. “Nurses are the leaders who connect everyone, which gives you a sense of accomplishment in what you do. ”

Regardless of the determining factors that motivate students to pursue nursing education, the many attractive advantages of the field have led to an increase in enrollment in nursing schools in the United States in 2020 (AACN). For WCU, that means putting its student-centered approach into high gear and ensuring that all students, including those who change careers, have the opportunity to succeed in nursing school.

Curtisha DeMarco

To accomplish this, WCU offers multiple departures throughout the year, with courses starting every 10 weeks. Evening and weekend classes are available to keep a student’s work schedule from preventing students like Costa, DeMarco, and Diaz from making their dreams come true.

“I chose WCU because of the flexibility of the schedules offered,” shares Diaz, full-time employee, mother and student. “I needed it to be good for my job, my family and my life. WCU adapts to this.

At WCU, aspiring nurses can manage their other responsibilities while making the transition to nursing. Nursing programs can be completed at an accelerated pace, with associate’s degrees in as little as 20 months and bachelor’s degrees in 39 months.

“They are very accommodating and flexible at West Coast University,” DeMarco said. “If you feel like you don’t have time for this, you do. West Coast will help you find the time for this and that’s what I really appreciate about the school.

WCU’s commitment to a student-centered approach extends far beyond its flexible and inclusive nursing programs. The faculty and staff of the university are united and invested in the success of each student.

“One thing I have to say is I had some of the most amazing teachers,” Costa said. “If I didn’t know something, they would break it. If I needed any extra help outside of class, they would set up a meeting. They are extremely available to help.

WCU instructor Yanet Velazquez Marichal, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC adds:

well and I tell them “let’s talk”. Phone conversations make it more personal and relaxed.

With the support of WCU professors, flexible programs, and most importantly, a willingness to make a difference in the lives of patients, aspiring nurses can make their dreams come true no matter what.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re 40, 50, 60 or where you are in life, you can go back to school for anything and everything,” DeMarco said. “For me, the fact that the program was sped up made the decision to go back a lot easier. ”

On the other side of that decision to go to nursing school is a fulfilling life career.

“Knowing that there are people out there who are grateful to you for helping you on the worst day of their lives makes the job really interesting,” Diaz said.


West Coast University is accredited by WASC Senior College of University Commission (WSCUC), a regional accreditation body recognized by the US Department of Education (USDOE) and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). 1001 Marina Village Parkway, suite 402 Alameda, CA 94501, (510) 748-9001 /

Bachelor and Master of Nursing programs on all campuses are accredited by the Commission for College Education in Nursing (CCNE). 655 K Street, Suite 750, Washington DC 20001, (202) 877-6791,

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