NBN tests first PoI-on-Wheels network disaster recovery unit – Strategy – Telco/ISP

NBN Co is testing its first transportable point of interconnection (PoI), which can be deployed during emergencies in the Victorian town of Traralgon.

The semi-trailer has, since late October, been testing its ability to restore critical broadband connections during natural disasters.

NBN Co’s executive managing director, network management, Darren Mills, said “this is the first such trial we have done in Australia”, and is part of its national emergency and disaster preparedness plans.

There are a total of 121 points of interest serving 8.5 million customers, providing concentration of customer traffic for retail service provider networks.

Mills said the trial tests the performance of the equipment and whether it can work at the rest of the NBN PoI sites.

“We have invested in assets that can be deployed relatively quickly to restore services while we complete network recovery,” Mills said.

The PoI-on-Wheels is expected to support between 192,000 and 500,000 customer services for as long as needed.

NBN Co also urged communities to begin preparing and planning residential evacuation and business continuity plans.

Mills said “the majority of outages on the NBN during emergencies are caused by power outages, so it’s important people have a plan to stay connected and updated in other ways if power outages occur. were occurring and disrupting connectivity”.

Other emergency means used during emergency situations include mobile satellite trucks and “flying” satellite kits which can provide temporary access to voice and broadband services.

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