North Carolina nursing home resident with dementia likely ate a rodent, family was not immediately informed, report says

SALISBURY, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A recent inspection report from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services found that a resident with dementia likely ate a rodent and the nursing home where he resided did not immediately notify a physician or the resident. family.

The finding was in a 51-page report released last month for Accordius Health in Salisbury.

In the report, a summary statement of the gaps was noted. It details how a resident, identified in the report as “resident # 1”, who was diagnosed with dementia and psychosis and who was “severely cognitively impaired” had “ingested a rodent and vomited” on August 9, 2021 .

The information was revealed in a progress note dated three days later when a nurse practitioner and family were finally notified.

According to the report, a nurse’s aide had reported that Resident # 1 had “coughed up fur and graying that could be a mouse’s tail.”

The report adds that a nurse noticed that the director of nursing had “screamed and said she thought she was going to be sick”, after seeing Resident # 1 “picking up a tray of food from the trash and something was moving in his hand and before she could stop it he put something that looked like a mouse in his mouth.

The report said Resident # 1 would not open his mouth. The report goes on to say that the incident was not initially reported to the doctor because they believed the director of nursing would report it.

The nurse practitioner reportedly called Poison Control after learning about the possible ingestion, due to the risk of poisoning or infection of the mouse.

In a subsequent interview on August 17, 2021, the nursing home administrator said the director of nursing “should have informed” the doctor.

The inspection report also showed the nursing home’s’ remedial plan ‘, which included updating the resident’s care plan to include’ behaviors of eating items in the trash and placing items in the trash. inedible items’ in their mouths.

The remediation plan also included an audit to “ensure the physician and responsible residents have been informed of changes in condition over the past 30 days to include ingestion of unidentified objects” and to re-educate staff. ” residents’ safety concerns related to placing unknown objects in their mouths, adequate monitoring of residents is maintained, physician / responsible parties / facility administration are advised to ensure that Security measures and surveillance of residents are in place.

The report showed that resident # 1 is still in the care of the nursing home.

FOX 46 has contacted Accordius Health for a statement on the report and the incident.

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