Province Launches Strategy to Revitalize Francophone Tourism in Manitoba


The province has announced a new strategy to expand Manitoba’s Francophone tourism experiences to attract more travelers to our province.

The strategy aims to promote French culture in Saint-Boniface and in 17 other Francophone communities in the province.

“Manitoba is home to the largest Francophone community in Western Canada, which features unique and historic architecture, thriving businesses and a vibrant cultural scene,” said Francophone Affairs Minister Rochelle Squires. “These strengths are a significant advantage that must be promoted and leveraged to be successful.”

Prior to the pandemic, a number of stakeholders, including Travel Manitoba and Enterprise Riel, partnered to develop a Francophone tourism strategy for the province. An advisory committee has been formed with representatives from groups such as the Musée de Saint-Boniface and the Festival du Voyageur.

The strategy was then updated in 2021 to incorporate the impact of COVID-19 and is part of an overall plan to boost Manitoba’s post-pandemic tourism industry.

According to Manitoba Tourism, the updated strategy has three objectives: to establish a business case for increasing public and private sector funding, to lead the marketing and communications of Francophone experiences, and to attract more investment in tourism experiences and development. destinations.

Travel Manitoba CEO Colin Ferguson said COVID-19 has been difficult for many sectors, but has hit the tourism industry particularly hard.

“The Francophone Tourism Strategy provides a framework to support the relaunch of this important sector and advance its commercialization and development. The strategy will be updated annually by Travel Manitoba and the advisory committee will monitor its progress,” he said.

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