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International skaters hail Riyadh season as Cirque de Glace show draws to a close

RIYADH: One of Riyadh Season’s newest shows, Cirque de Glace, was a big hit with audiences at the International Arena in Riyadh City Boulevard, one of the 14 festival zones.

Extravagant costumes, choreographed numbers and special effects all tie together the show’s theme of the journey of human development.

Cirque de Glace artist Alfonso Campa told Arab News, “Cirque de Glace is an amazing show with an amazing cast. All skaters are international and are all professionals putting on an amazing show now in the Riyadh season here in Saudi Arabia.

The show’s organizers noted that Cirque de Glace was a separate French entity inspired by the Canadian circus, Cirque de Soleil. The Ice Show has been touring the world for over 12 years in 14 different countries including Saudi Arabia, India, UK, Argentina, America and Australia, and takes visitors on a journey through time of the planet’s evolution.

Campa from Mexico and Mery Acevedo from Argentina are two of the artists behind Flying on Ice, a figure skating duo who are the aerial artists of Cirque de Glass. The two have been playing together for over 10 years and have brought their expertise to Riyadh ice.

Acevedo said, “I’m a figure skater, but my main role is the aerial act with my partner, it’s a very tricky act and people love to see skaters fly through the air.

“The audience is awesome, it looks like they’re really enjoying it, and it’s just the smiles on their faces that make us happier and all the work that goes into it is worth it,” she added.

The cast of 29 skaters that make up the show traveled the world and made their season debut in Riyadh on December 27.

Campa is a fourth generation circus performer and has been skating, juggling and performing circus skills such as trampoline and acrobatics around the world since the age of three.

Of the crowds in Riyadh, he said, “They get so excited when they see us flying and skating at the same time. We think the audience here is just amazing.

Tour manager Rob McClelland said the show had been staged for years, but due to the coronavirus pandemic many of the original cast had changed.

“We have been developing Cirque de Glace shows for about 12 years now and we have traveled the world with our international team,” he added.

McClelland said: “The communication and the equipment is the hardest part, whether it’s the ice or the lighting, but it’s been a really good show for us here, and it’s been really easy to get into it.

“We have presented the show in over 14 countries, and it was a real pleasure to come to Saudi Arabia and Riyadh Season with the General Entertainment Authority.”

The show is in its final week as part of the Riyadh season and Campa thanked the festival organizers for their support and hospitality.

“We just want to thank Riyadh Season for bringing this incredible show to Saudi audiences, and we hope to return soon,” he added.

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