Shiseido’s “Dynamic Harmony” Strategy to Drive Future Research and Development

Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido Company held its R&D strategy conference last month. The company, ranked n ° 5 in the 2021 international Top 30 of Happi, took advantage of the event to present its new research and development philosophy called “Dynamic Harmony”.

Shiseido also shared recent advances and new alliances that will guide NPD and its approach to cosmetic science in 2022 and beyond.


During the conference, the Shiseido company reported several new agreements.

Dr Nobuko Nakano

The company has signed an advisory agreement with neuroscientist Dr Nobuko Nakano, who will act as an advisor. The alliance is designed to support its goals of creating multi-faceted value centered around skin care and ranging from sun care and makeup to beauty equipment and inner beauty (supplements). According to Shiseido, Nakano has a “sharp insight” into the essence of man and society based on neuroscience and psychology, and communicates scientific knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner.

The Shiseido company also brought in Professor Masaru Tomita, Managing Director of the Institute for Advanced Biosciences at Keio University, as adviros.

Masaru tomita

Shisiedo will establish the GIC Tomita Laboratory where Tomita will provide direct advice within Shiseido’s Global Innovation Center (GIC) and aim to create what beauty companies are calling “unprecedented innovations that drive future businesses in a new way based. on extraordinary products. think about books and foster a new culture within our R&D organization.

Shiseido also announced a new joint research agreement with the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBMP RAS) in Moscow, Russia. In the future, Shiseido will participate in the SIRIUS project, an international research project carried out by the IBMP RAS in collaboration with the Human Research Program (HRP) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and will work with an occupational physician. to conduct “research on the evaluation of stress by measuring symmetry and movement at a distance in facial expression”.

The SIRIUS project aims to study the impact of long-term isolation in a confined space on the physical and mental health of cosmonauts and astronauts in preparation for a manned expedition to the Moon and Mars. The test, which was due to start last month, is being conducted in a closed environment for eight months.

The research ties in with Shiseido’s “Inside / Outside” research approach, he said. She will explain the impacts of stress on the skin and body, aiming to develop value in the skin beauty field that provides comprehensive care for the mind and body. Shiesido’s use of these research results to develop a method for assessing stress under non-contact and remote conditions.


At the R&D conference, Shiseido presented his work around technology that converts ultraviolet light into light which has beneficial effects on the skin. Inspired by photosynthesis, the study led to the discovery of the effect of spirulina extract obtained from algae and fluorescent zinc oxide derived from natural minerals to efficiently convert ultraviolet light into visible light which could successfully restore skin damage caused by ultraviolet light and also improve the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, according to Shiseido.

Through the application of this technology, Shiseido claims that it will not only protect customers from sunlight, but also use the sun, creating a future in which our customers can enjoy their daily lives more actively. and more freely.

The results of this study were presented in part at the 31st 2020 Congress of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) in Yokohama, Japan.


The Shiseido company also reported developments around the evolution of the “Second Skin” technology, which was acquired in 2018 from Olivo Laboratories in the United States.

As he previously reported, “Second Skin” technology has the effect of “immediately reshaping the bags under the eyes”. Shiseido said she recently revealed the effect of “immediate reshaping of sagging cheeks (nasolabial lines / puppet lines). In addition, Shiseido said he also created values ​​that go beyond makeup effects such as “improving sagging skin and wrinkles with repeated application” and “enhancing penetration of ingredients “. Some of these research findings were presented at the IFSCC 2021 Cancún conference held in October.


Shiseido also unveiled a new unmanageable beauty brand called Inryu. The three product lines, which include Advanced Radiance, Night Ritual + and Laser Refine, will be available in Shiseido The Store in Japan from January and on e-commerce platforms in China from March 2022.


In company news, Shiseido Company said it has decided to abolish its current system of company directors and switch to a management system centered on leaders as of January 1, 2022.

Here is the list of executive officers (as of January 1, 2022):

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