Tampa’s Bonefish Grill Creates Cocktail to Highlight Coral Reef Restoration Efforts

Coral Reef Punch is a blend of fresh orange and pineapple juice, rum, coconut rum, passion fruit flavors and homemade vanilla bean syrup.Bonefish Grill

Tampa-based Bonefish Grill has partnered with The Nature Conservancy to help plant a million coral reefs by 2025. Seafood chain diners can do their part by ordering a cocktail created to do better. Learn about the nonprofit conservation organization’s coral reef restoration efforts.

Inspired by the tropics, the Coral Reef Punch took place during a series of “Celebration Nights” that kicked off June 5 at Bonefish locations nationwide. Events end on Monday, but Bay Area patrons can score the drink anytime, as the Coral Reef Punch plans to become a menu staple in the future.

The cocktail is a blend of orange juice and fresh pineapple, rum, coconut rum, aromas of passion fruit and homemade vanilla bean syrup.

Coral reefs are vital and diverse ecosystems for 25 percent of all marine species – and one of the most endangered, which is why Bonefish has chosen to support Conservancy’s Plant a Million Corals initiative. The goal is to revive more than one million coral reefs in Florida and the Caribbean, as well as to share restoration and conservation methods with local communities.

According to a statement from Bonefish Grill president David Schmidt, the chain is the first corporate partner to support the initiative.

“Bonefish Grill and our guests truly treasure the bounties of the ocean,” said Schmidt, “so in addition to our contribution, we will join in highlighting the importance of the Conservancy’s efforts.”

Dr Joseph Pollock, Conservancy in the Caribbean’s Director of Coral Strategy, added, “Addressing the challenges facing coral reefs in Florida, the Caribbean and beyond requires cooperation and coordination between government, nonprofit and enterprises.

“By partnering with Conservancy to raise awareness of the plight of coral reefs and support actions on the ground to protect and restore them, Bonefish Grill has shown its commitment to turning the tide on the decline of coral reefs.”

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