Thick eyebrows shed weight to improve Lakers strategy, race to get Los Angeles back in championship streak – yqqlm

Thick eyebrows lose weight to improve Lakers strategy and run to let Los Angeles back in championship streak – yqqlm January 16, 2022

Original title: Thick eyebrows lose weight to improve Lakers strategy and race to get Los Angeles back in championship streak

For the Lakers, the thick-brow injury may be a blessing in disguise, as the Lakers have not only promoted youngsters like Monk by trying rosters in the past, but also restored James’ weight to the team this season. And the new definition of how to use the inner line of the new range, the most important thing is thick eyebrows have already started to lose weight during the injury, the goal is 20 pounds or 18 pounds, which probably means that when the thick eyebrows come back into the game, he’ll probably go back to his freshman year. This state of being with the Lakers.

The Lakers are star-studded this season, but the reason it hasn’t really improved the team is simply because thick eyebrows have “regressed.” Thick eyebrow data this season looks good. In the 27 games he played for the Lakers, Davis averaged 23.3 points, 9.9 rebounds, 2.9 assists, 1.2 steals and 2 blocks in 35.4 minutes per game. Shooting percentage is still as high as 52.1%, but his three-point shooting rate of 17.9% is a career low, and even his free throw shooting rate is down to 72.7% . More importantly, Nongmei’s declining shooting efficiency prevented him from maximizing his advantages in Lakers’ base tactics. That’s why the Lakers once pushed the Ducks to put James in 5th place.

The Lakers have been a defensive black hole for a while this season. Their “counterattack speed” ranks last in the league, defensive efficiency counts down, the number of counterattacks is a countdown, the number of counterattacks caught by opponents is a count countdown and movement speed is also a countdown. James even once Become the three slowest players in the alliance. But everyone knows that these roots are the “degeneration” of thick eyebrows, but the reason for this degradation is also caused by the reorganization of the team, especially after the arrival of Westbrook, the structure and style of play of the Lakers have fundamentally changed. change in nature is that at the same time as the thick eyebrows began to gain weight, his number of positions and pick-and-rolls increased sharply, and the number of hits from the outside was much greater than his two elbows and three seconds. In the process of weighing the weight of thick eyebrows, there was a major deviation or even a mistake in strategy.

As a result, Thick Eyebrow has stumbled this season, injury chances have started to increase, and there have been several injuries so far with a big break. But the Lakers want to win the championship, thick eyebrows are the basis. In the season finale where they won the championship, James only seemed to have better data, but the thick eyebrows led the team to the final with 8 data. It’s the Lakers who can use five majors to retain five. The perfect dislocation killer for small lineups and run-and-guns.

So far this season, Nongmei has attacked and defended further. It is a tactical system that puts the cart before the horse. While changing the tactical position of thick eyebrows in the Lakers, the most difficult thing for Davis to adapt to this season is that he also changed the habit of those years, that is, the area of ​​activity has been strongly moved to the perimeter. In the previous four seasons, including the first two years of his arrival at the Lakers, Davis’ offensive proportion of 16 feet at the three-point line was only around 15%, but this season it has directly increased to 18.3%. He even shot a career-high 45.5% from the field. However, we barter and we barter. As Davis over-deals in this area, his hit rate in the 10-16 foot range, where he is best, begins to decline. His offense rate is just 14.1%, which is the lowest since his rookie season. Sure enough, that area offensive certainty also dropped to 32.4%, which is also a career-worst stat.

The reason the Lakers can use a wider range to hold small ball in the small ball era isn’t James at all, but the offensive and defensive dislocation advantage Davis has formed in every position in the game. opponent in the whole range. Behind it is the huge threat and the offensive grip of the thick eyebrows in the elbow area. This confining force is likely a Curry effect causing the opponent to rush past half the pitch with the ball. In terms of certainty in attack at the low post, Nongmei is much better than James. In recent seasons, James has attacked with the frame of the ball instead of the low post. In terms of tactical effect, Nongmei is still the winner. The championship season is the most revealing. Thick eyebrows do not need to give up the paint area. He shot 53.7 percent from 3 to 10 feet in the playoffs, rendering the opponent’s inside line unable to follow and the outside line to run. Basically, that equates to a husband being a man and a million people not being able to open it. .

During this season, Westbrook and James controlled most of the ball handling, advancing and the role of thick eyebrows had once become a pile of meat, as well as a big shooter who caught the ball and shot. It’s definitely a devastating change for thick brows. In addition, there is also a top attacking player Anthony with the ball and the ball. Thick brows have significantly increased pick-and-roll and catch-and-shoot numbers this season. Instead, assists have fallen to a new low of 2.9 in the past four years. This is because the number of times Nongmei holds the ball has been reduced too much, and he has taken a lot of shots, but the initiative to create attack and tactics must be reduced. Often, it’s James who’s finished carrying West Shaoyun, and Nongmei is waiting for the cake. This is different from giving the ball directly to Nongmei for crafting. Tactical threats vary widely.

However, once thick eyebrows successfully lose weight and restart the game, it can have a fatal impact on the entire Western Conference and even the league. It’s a tactical reminder for the Bucks to break down the Warriors, which is to say how important it is to have an extraordinary inside line with athletic ability and shooting ability. After Green’s absence, the Warriors’ defense waned. Kerr’s main player has always been green. And brother Antetokounmpo’s ability in the Bucks side, only thick eyebrows can compete with him. The Lakers’ tolerance for Westbrook was saturated in the title phase. It’s predictable that the return of thick eyebrows to the lineup will likely change his stance and pick-and-roll style, returning to the absolute use of his dual heart with James in the Championship season. Once thick eyebrows are allowed to run and fight, the Lakers will no longer be in the same old-fashioned state at the start of the season, and thick eyebrows will always be the password for the entire Lakers to return to the championship streak. .

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