Triangular Strategy: Chapter 7, Part 2

If you have made the decision to protect Prince Roland from the forces of Aesfrosti, you will find yourself in this version of Triangle Strategy seventh chapter. As payment for your moralism, you can engage in one of the toughest fights in the game with General Avlora herself.

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There’s a lot going on in this chapter, from several different plot characters to another exploration event that introduced you to some of the devious secrets of Castle Wolfforts. And then, of course, the big battle. Let us guide you through them.

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Side Story: The Streets of Telliore

Triangle Strategy Silvio Guard

Silvio learns of the plan to house Prince Roland and begins to make his own plans.

Side Story: Falkes Streets

Triangle Strategy Landroi Speech

Landroi also learns of the plan and is emboldened by the courageous display of loyalty.

Side Story: Whiteholm Castle

Triangle Strategy Thalas Erika Rire

We check in on the Mean Twins as they discuss events in their usual nasty ways.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Triangle Strategy Castle Wolffort Conversation

Anna reports that the forces marching on Castle Wolffort are led by General Avlora herself. This excites the rage of Roland, it is understandable.

Exploration Event: Castle Wolffort

Triangle Strategy Castle Wolffort Streets

Benedict fully reveals the secret of Wolffort’s secret defense mechanisms, something you may have learned in the exploration event from the previous part. It turns out that the hawk statues scattered around the city are actually capable of unleashing fiery oil attacks. While these destroy nearby houses, they also provide a huge boon to defenders.

This event serves to allow you to investigate exactly how these statues work, but there are also items and such to collect.

There are three falcon statues in the city:

  • One is located at the top of the stone stairs near the door.
  • One is located on the middle level just outside the house near the castle wall.
  • One is located on the middle level next to Geela.

Elements, notes and information

Large HP Recovery Pad x2 In the house near Erador.
fire stone On the brazier next to the door.
fire stone Inside the house, go up the stairs next to the door.
red scarf Inside the house next to a falcon statue.
400 pieces Next to a stand on the middle level.
1,000 pieces Inside the house behind the merchant.
Loyalty to Lord Silvio Talk to Erador.
The Three Tall Houses of Glenbrook Talk to Benoit.

Sentencing Conversations

Conversation on Conviction: Roland
I understand how you feel, but now is not the time for revenge. Morality
So I won’t stand in your way. Avlora is yours. Freedom
Calm down Roland. You don’t need to fight this battle alone – let us help you. Utility
Conversation on Conviction: Anna
I will offer them just compensation if we win. If we fail, all was lost from the start. Utility
Prince Roland is my friend. I have to protect him, come what may. Morality
We must remove all threats to our domain and our people. Freedom


This is one of the exploration events with a merchant. Remember, you can still head to your camp and participate in mental battle simulations if you need more parts.

Item Price Store
Large HP Recovery Pad 500 5
Remote HP Recovery Pellet 750 1
fire stone 200 5
Ranged Fire Stone 600 1
ice stone 200 5
Ranged Ice Stone 600 1
Thunderstone 200 5
Windstone 200 5
Remote Windstone 600 1
jug of oil 100 ten
precision ring 1,500 1
escape ring 1,500 1
speed ring 1,500 1
The iron 150 2
Calculation 150 2
framework 150 2
Fiber 150 2

Battle Event: Castle Wolffort

Triangle Strategy Avlora Taunting

It’s probably the toughest battle you can fight at this point, and it’s not only because of Avlora and her imposing strength. While you have the option of using these hawk statue traps to make the fight a bit easier, there is something you need to know if you want to play the game perfectly:

Using Hawk Traps in this battle will make it impossible to get the Golden Ending. If you want this ending, you will have to beat Avlora and her forces as normal.

That said, prepare for a tough fight either way. We recommend stocking up on salvage items and if you don’t have Corentin or Narve, ice stones from the merchant during the exploration event.

Preview of the battle

Recommended level 11
enemies Avlora, 3x Aesfrosti Archer, 2x Aesfrosti Blade, 2x Aesfrosti Shieldbearer, 2x Aesfrosti Battlemage
Reinforcements In the first round: 2x Aesfrosti Blade, 1x Aesfrosti Shieldbearer
Second batch: 2x Aesfrosti Archer, 2x Aesfrosti Shield Carrier
Third batch: 3x Aesfrosti Shieldbearer, 1x Aesfrosti Blade, 1x Aesfrosti Bowman
Deployment Deployment limit: 10 Units
Compulsory units: Serenoa
Recommended units: Hughette, Rodolphe, Julio, Medina
Objective Defeat all enemies.
Booty 1x Silver
1x Medal of Bravery
Difficulty ★★★★☆ (4/5) if you use the falcon statues.
★★★★★ (5/5) if you decide not to use the falcon statues.

You have to decide early on if you want to use the hawk statues or not, as the majority of your enemies start in the middle of one.

It’s also possible to cheese this whole battle with Hughette. Once you’ve defeated the archers and warmages of Aesfrosti, set up Hughette on the roof of a house that normal characters can’t reach. She can spend the whole battle shooting her enemies knowing they can never get to her. It’s corny, but it works.

Once the battle is over, you will get your loot.

  • Use the Money to upgrade a character’s weapon.
  • Use the Medal of Bravery to promote a character from Rookie to Veteran. This will give them more skills and a higher TP cap.

Side Story: The Streets of Telliore

Triangle Strategy Silvio Plot

Silvio learns of Wolffort’s victory and decides to send a bird. Whose? We will know shortly.

Side Story: Falkes Streets

Triangle Strategy Landroi Learning News

Landroi also hears the news, but he is much happier about it.

Side Story: Citadel of the Sands

Triangle Strategy Sorsley and Booker

Rounding out our trio of news learners, Sorsley discusses Wolffort’s win with Booker.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Serenoa Strategy Triangle Benedict Hughette Geela

Amid talk of post-battle medical aid and reconstruction work, Benedict listens to Serenoa and discusses what their next steps should be. He sets his sights on Hyzante and shares his worries about Telliore and Falkes.

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