Triangular Strategy: Chapter 8, Part 2

You will come to this chapter of Triangle Strategy if you accept Silvio Telliore’s proposal in the previous part, hoping to form a strong alliance against the Aesfrosti invaders. Inevitably, things don’t go exactly as planned and you wonder why you trusted the man in the first place.

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As usual, this chapter has items to collect and a tough battle to fight – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We will guide you through the chapter step by step.

Side Story: Whiteholm Castle

Gustadolph triangular strategy and a kneeling Avlora general

General Avlora begs Gustadolph for another chance after his failure to take Castle Wolffort. Gustadolph gives him this chance and sends him on another mission.


Parallel story: the port of Wolffort

Triangular strategy Travis and Trish on the port of Wolffort

Travis and Trish (from chapter one, remember?) discuss the bounty on Prince Roland’s head.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Triangle Strategy Serenoa and Benedict hear from Anna

Some of Silvio’s most despicable actions reach the ears of Serenoa and Benedict, who immediately begin hatching a counter-plan.

Exploration Event: Streets of Telliore

Triangle Strategy Exploration of the streets of Telliore

While everything seems nice and jovial, it’s obvious that something is afoot. This event allows you to explore the streets of the Telliore Domain and prepare for whatever it has in store. Luckily no one drank the wine!

As always, it’s a chance to pick up items, learn intel, and familiarize yourself with the terrain in preparation for the fight ahead.

Elements, notes and information

invigorating spice On a round table near Erador.
Invigorating Spice x2 In the house behind Silvio, inside a barrel.
Ranged Ice Stone Cross the waterfall at the bottom of the map, then check the smaller falls to the right.
Iron x3 On the roof of the house behind Silvio.
500 pieces In the house near Frederica on the lower level of the map.
1,100 pieces In the house near Anna.
Salt and Fish In the house behind the Telliorian Soldier with a Conversation of Conviction.
Wonders of Norzelia, Vol. 5 In the house near Anna.
Wonders of Norzelia, Vol. 6 In the house near Frederica on the lower level of the map.

Sentencing Conversations

Conversation on Conviction: Anna
Betrayal is just another path to victory. If this is a fight, we have to win. Utility
As lord of House Wolffort, I have no intention of running away from a fight. But I’d rather do it without unnecessary bloodshed. Morality
This is the path that Maison Telliore has chosen to take. Likewise, we must continue to the one we have chosen. Freedom
Conversation on Conviction: Telliorian Soldier
You don’t have to worry. A good soul like you will necessarily find a companion worthy of the name in time. Morality
Winning something dear is both a blessing and a curse because now you have something to lose. There are merits to living a single life. Utility
Some say marriage is a beginning; and others, an end. What you say? Freedom

Once you’ve explored all you can, it’s time to head into the inevitable battle.

Side Story: Falkes Streets

Triangle Strategy Landroi receives news

Before Silvio’s betrayal, however, let’s check Landroi.

Before you jump into the battle event, it’s a good time to catch all of the outstanding Character Story recruits and practice a bit in your encampment. You should have picked up a piece of leather in the previous part of this chapter – it’s a good idea to use it to upgrade Frederica’s weapon and then give her the KO TP+ skill.

Battle Event: Streets of Telliore

Triangle Strategy Serenoa and Roland surrounded

Unfortunately, your army will be divided at the start of this battle and you have a very tough opponent in Rufus. This can be tricky, so think ahead about the stratagems you want to use.

Preview of the battle

Recommended level 12
enemies Rufus, 5x Glenbrook Blade, 3x Glenbrook Pikeman, 2x Glenbrook Bowman, 2x Glenbrook Healer
Deployment Deployment limit: 10 Units
Compulsory units: Serenoa, Roland
Recommended units: Anna, Hughette, Frederica, Medina
Objective Defeat all enemies.
Don’t let Roland die.
Booty spider silk
Medal of Bravery
Difficulty ★★★★☆ (4/5)

The most important thing in this battle is to make sure that each group of units you deploy are balanced in what they can do. Consider nearby enemies.

With that over, Silvio and Rufus can somehow live another day. But Serenoa and Roland are alive and well, and that’s all that really matters. Forward!

Chapter 8, Part 3 – Shadow and Light

Triangular strategy Silvio and Rufus surrounded

Chapter eight isn’t over yet! There’s a third part – but since it doesn’t contain any combat or exploration, we’re including it in this walkthrough just to go over the events it contains.

Side Story: Norwegian Mountains: Base

Triangle Strategy Silvio and Rufus

Silvio and Rufus reunite after their disastrous plan fails.

Main Story: Falkes Streets

Triangle Strategy Landroi with his stretched bow

In a thrilling scene we’d like to see more of, Landroi and General Avlora meet on the battlefield.

Side Story: Crown City

Triangle Strategy Gustadolph Congratulating General Avlora

Avlora reports to Gustadolph after her victory.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Triangle Strategy Benedict and Roland come up with a plan

Benedict and Roland come up with a devious plan that will make things happen.

Main Story: Norzelia River: Shore

Triangle Strategy Travis and Trish find the decoy corpse

We’re back with Travis and Trish as they make a startling discovery.

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