Ukraine launches new economic strategy to operate in times of war

The Ukrainian government is launching a new economic strategy that will work in times of war, help the national economy survive and lay the foundations for post-war recovery.

“On behalf of the President of Ukraine, the government is launching a new economic strategy that will work in times of war, help our economy survive and lay the foundation for post-war recovery. It contains a total of eight programs” , said Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal. said at the Cabinet meeting, reports Ukrinform.

In particular, the Prime Minister outlined six non-repayable grant programs for small and medium enterprises. According to him, the first initiative is micro-grants to start a business, under which the state will provide non-reimbursable grants to create thousands of new micro-enterprises. It is also possible to obtain a subsidized loan under the “5-7-9” program. Applications will be submitted through the Diia app.

The second program, Shmyhal said, consists of non-reimbursable grants for the development of processing enterprises dealing with woodworking, furniture production, production of clothing or accessories, building materials, agricultural processing, etc. A grant can be spent, in particular, on the purchase of materials.

According to the Prime Minister, the program in the agricultural sector will relate to a partial compensation of the cost of greenhouses. In particular, a non-refundable grant will be awarded for a 2-hectare modular greenhouse project. Applications are also submitted through the Diia app. The construction of up to 3,000 such greenhouses is planned.

The fourth program, according to the Prime Minister, provides subsidies for the planting of new fruit trees and berry orchards. The first expectations of the project are the planting of new gardens on a total area of ​​up to 10,000 hectares.

Another initiative is in the IT sphere, Shmyhal said. It is expected that the Ukrainian start-up fund will buy shares of newly created companies. The target audience for the program are early-stage IT entrepreneurs who have an idea for creating a startup and are looking for funding for the test model creation stage. Money can only be spent on development, hiring, modeling, and seed funding. The program budget for the year is 10 billion UAH. Priority will be given to export-oriented companies.

The sixth program is also related to computer science. Within its framework, Ukrainians who wish to obtain the qualification of junior developer or graphic designer, or other technical specialties, will be able to receive a scholarship that can be spent on computer courses. The State will finance 60,000 Ukrainians, who will then be able to find work in this field, indicated the head of government.

“In total, these six grant programs can be a real engine of growth for the economy. It’s a bet on small and medium-sized businesses. It’s an incentive for people to stay and work in Ukraine. Working for our victory now, as well as for the development of a strong Ukraine in the future,” the Prime Minister stressed.


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